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Free Strength Training Programs

  • Barbell Training Program for the Beginner. 2–3x/week. Simple and effective, this training program gives you a perfect start in your training career. You will build muscle and strength swiftly by doing two to three barbell-based, whole-body workouts per week.
  • Beginner Machine Program. 2x/week. Don’t want to head into the free weight section just yet? Check out this machine-based program. Machine training offers a safe start in the gym and time-effective workouts. Train two times per week, or up to three to increase the tempo.
  • Beginner Bench Press Program. 2x/week. A super simple yet effective beginner bench press program that will give you quick gains and a great start to your bench press career.
  • Emelie. 3x/week. In this training program, written for a friend by the name of the program, you will be training three hard but short workouts per week. Each workout consists of three compound lifts, which together train most of your major muscle groups. Suitable for both muscle growth and strength gains!
  • German Volume Training. 3x/week. A minimalistic training program based around doing supersets of 10 sets x 10 reps in the big lifts. The primary aim of the program is to build muscle, but you can expect to gain strength as well.
  • Russian Squat Routine. 3x/week. A hard but effective training program aimed at increasing your strength in the squat (or any other lift you choose to use it for) in six weeks. Enter your 1RM into the calculator, and we’ll generate the program for you.
  • StrengthLog’s Upper/Lower Body Split Program. 4 x/week. One of our most popular programs. Four workouts per week, with an emphasis on getting stronger in the compound lifts. For both muscle growth and strength gain!
  • StrengthLog’s Full-Body Workout. 2x/week. If you only have time for two short workouts per week, this is your program. The beginner can make good gains on this program, but it is more of a maintenance program for the intermediate and advanced lifter.
  • StrengthLog’s Full-Body Hypertrophy. 3x/week. Maximize your hypertrophic potential with this free full-body training program. Three days per week to sweet gains!
  • StrengthLog’s In a Hurry at the Gym. 3x/week. A short and sweet training program for when time is of the essence. Three days a week, compound exercises and heavy weights make sure you keep your gains even when you only have minutes to spend in the gym.
  • StrengthLog’s Minimalistic Routine. 3x/week. Another minimalistic routine with three quick (but hard) workouts per week. Each workout consists of two compound exercises, and your goal is to beat your performance last week.
  • StrengthLog’s Training Program for Seniors. 2x/week. This is our training program designed for seniors looking to benefit from all the positive effects strength training has to offer. From greater muscle strength to stronger bones and improved quality of life – if you are 60 or above, this program is for you!
  • StrengthLog’s Training Program for Children. 2x/week. It’s never to late to start exercising, and neither is it ever too early. This training program is an excellent way for your child to develop a strong and healthy body for a strong and healthy life.
  • StrengthLog’s Glute Training Program. 2x/week. If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then this is the training program for you. It consists of two hard workouts per week that cover all the muscle fibers of your glutes and that will rocket your booty to new heights of strength and size.
  • PHUL Workout Routine. 4x/week. PHUL stands for Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower and is a popular 4-day workout routine that combines training for strength and hypertrophy.

Premium Training Programs

Powerlifting Programs

  • Intermediate Bench Press Program. 2–3x/week. A bench press program for the intermediate lifter, who is not yet ready for advanced bench press training.
  • Advanced Bench Press Program. 3 x/week. A bench press program for the advanced lifter, who needs to do a lot of training in order to progress. Nine weeks long, and ends in a short peaking phase and a max attempt.
  • Bench Press Boogie. 2–5x/week. One of our most popular training programs, having helped thousands of lifters get stronger in the bench press. This is a six-week long bench press program intended to increase your bench press 1RM and build your upper body muscles. Available from two up to five workouts per week, depending on your training level.
  • Deadlift Disco. 2x/week. Our deadlift program for powerlifting. Increase your deadlift 1RM and build bigger back muscles. Six weeks long, but possible to cycle through several times.
  • Deadlift Builder. 2x/week. To pull big weights, you need big muscles. This program aims to increase your strength potential by increasing the mass of your deadlift muscles. Six weeks long.
  • Powerlifting ABC. 3–4x/week. Powerlifting ABC is an 11-week long powerlifting program, divided into four weeks of preparatory training, four weeks of specialization, and three weeks of peaking – which culminates in a competition (or max attempts).
  • Powerlifting DUP. 3x/week. A daily undulating periodization (DUP) program aimed at strength for the intermediate powerlifter. Choose between the one-lift variant or the one with all three powerlifts.
  • Powerlifting Polka. 3–6x/week. One of our most popular and effective powerlifting programs. It is six weeks long and comes in three versions: 3, 4, and 6 days per week. Powerlifting Polka is a mash-up of our most popular programs for the three big lifts: Squat Samba, Bench Press Boogie, and Deadlift Disco.
  • Powerlifting Pronto. 5x/week. A minimalized version of Powerlifting Polka, this program consists of five short workouts per week, each featuring one of the powerlifts: 2x squat, 2x bench press, and 1x deadlift. No accessory exercises, and medium/low training volume. This program was written for busy powerlifters who want to squeeze workouts in during the workday, for instance during lunch breaks.

Bodybuilding Programs

  • Armageddon. 3x/week. A four-week program focusing solely on high-volume and high-intensity arm training, forcing your biceps and triceps to respond with muscle growth.
  • Bodybuilding Ballet. 4–6x/week. This is the program if you want tree-trunk quads, bulging biceps, and a massive back. This is an advanced bodybuilding program, and one of the most popular programs in our app.
  • Bodybuilding 313. 5–6x/week. A premium training program designed for gaining muscle. It’s a three-day training split, in which you train three days, rest one, train three, and so on. A classic type of training program, based on both scientific training principles and real-life experiences by many bodybuilders throughout the decades.
  • Bodybuilding Blitz. 5x/week. If you are short on time but still want to build muscle as efficiently as possible, check out this bodybuilding program for maximum gains in minumum time.
  • Push / Pull / Legs Advanced. 6x/week. An advanced push/pull/leg-split for building muscle. An optimal training volume and training frequency for terrific gains!
  • StrengthLog’s Strength & Size. 4x/week. This is a six-week premium program with four days of training per week. It is a training program tailored primarily for bodybuilding, although you will find it great for increasing your strength as well.
  • StrengthLog’s 4-Day Bodybuilding Split. 4x/week. A six-week training program for intermediate to semi-advanced bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass and build a balanced physique.
  • StrengthLog’s 5 Day Split. 5x/week. A premium program designed for the intermediate to advanced lifter who wants to build muscle like a bodybuilder and get stronger in the three powerlifting lifts.

General Strength Training Programs

  • Press Pasodoble. 3x/week. A six-week upper body program, focusing on increasing your overhead press strength and giving you boulders for shoulders.
  • Russian Pressing Ladder. 3x/week. A five-week program for improving your overhead pressing strength. Originally intended for the kettlebell press, but works just as fine for the barbell overhead press or the bench press.
  • Zero to Hero. 4x/week. A 10-week long upper / lower body training program centered around classic compound lifts. Over the ten weeks, you move from training 10 reps per set, down to 1 rep – at 105% of your previous max. This is a hybrid program, aiming to develop both strength and muscle size.
  • Lifting Fast and Slow. 2x/week. In this training program, you will be switching between contrasts: one session will have you lifting heavy and slow, the other will have you lifting light and fast. The goal? Getting stronger, of course!

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