Training Programs

Here you will find all of our (and some others) training programs.

All are also available in our app StrengthLog.

Free Training Programs

  • Barbell Training Program for the Beginner. Simple and effective, this training program gives you a perfect start in your training career. You will build muscle and strength swiftly by doing three barbell-based, whole-body workouts per week.
  • StrengthLog’s Full-Body Hypertrophy. Maximize your hypertrophic potential with this free full-body training program! Three days per week to sweet gains!
  • StrengthLog’s In a Hurry at the Gym. A short and sweet training program for when time is of the essence. Three days a week, compound exercises and heavy weights make sure you keep your gains even when you only have minutes to spend in the gym.

Premium Training Programs

  • Bodybuilding 313 – a Training Program for Bodybuilders. A premium training program designed for gaining muscle. It’s a three-day training split, in which you train one day, rest one, train one, and so on. A classic type of training program, based on both scientific training principles and real-life experiences by many bodybuilders throughout the decades.
  • Zero to Hero. A 10-week long upper / lower body training program, centered around classic compound lifts. Over the ten weeks, you move from training 10 reps per set, down to 1 rep – at 105% of your previous max. This is a hybrid program, aiming to develop both strength and muscle size.
  • Powerlifting ABC – A Complete Training Program for Powerlifting! Powerlifting ABC is an 11 week long powerlifting program, divided into four weeks of preparatory training, four weeks of specialization, and three weeks of peaking – which culminates in a competition (or max attempts).