Surviving Zombies: The Workout Routine for the Apocalypse

Training to survive the zombie apocalypse is perhaps the best reason to train at all. Think about how just a few hours of exercise per week, following a challenging but fun workout routine, can prevent you from having your intestines ripped out of your body.

Think about it, buddy.

The Surviving Zombies workout routine was created by Herman Geijer, Sweden’s and one of the world’s leading zombie survival experts. Using his deep knowledge of what it takes to survive a zombie attack, he designed a training program that greatly will improve your chances of survival.

Surviving Zombies is available now as a premium workout routine in our gym app StrengthLog. Download the app for free using one of the buttons below:

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A Six-Week Training Program for Intermediate to Experienced Lifters

Let’s take a closer look at what you’re getting into, if you decide to give Surviving Zombies a go.

First off, this program does not suit the complete beginner. We have a lot of free workout routines that will give you faster results if you’ve just started lifting. Check them out here.

If you want to prepare your body for the zombie apocalypse (or other potential catastrophes), you’ll need to follow a program that’ll challenge your balance, strength, and endurance – but also keep you injury free.

Surviving Zombies is that program, and it will be a great program for you if you:

  • have at least a few years of training experience,
  • are used to a relatively high training volume,
  • are familiar and comfortable with a lot of exercises in the gym.

The idea of ​​the program is plenty of exercise variety, which will help you work on your balance, strength, and endurance – and build a robust body that can withstand the high stresses and demands of a zombie attack.

Each training week contains three strength training workouts intended to be carried out in a well-equipped gym. The workouts are of a full-body nature, meaning you’ll train through a majority of your body each workout.

The dead will rise – are you adequately prepared?
If documentaries like Zombieland have thought us anything, it’s that the dead will rise – and you must never skip cardio day.

Rule No. 1: Never Skip Cardio Day

Surviving Zombies is available in two versions:

  • 3 days/week, no cardio. 🙁
  • 4 days/week, cardio included to save your life.

Our recommendation is that you choose the version that includes cardio. If you’ve trained to become bigger and stronger, this will probably suck.

But it’s worth it.

Remember, you don’t have to be the fastest one in the group to outrun a zombie; you just need to be faster than the slowest person next to you.

Staying injury-free is also of the utmost importance, and in this program you’re not chasing max strength or muscle growth at a bodybuilding pace, as those are goals associated with high injury risk.

The program contains a lot of powerlifting exercises, and the idea is that you should maintain your strength while also becoming more durable.

By working on injury prevention and varying your training as much as possible – using compound lifts that stress multiple joints in combination with bodyweight training and endurance – you have a good chance of surviving when the undead rise (or some other disaster occurs).

This program does not contain a clear progression plan, but can be inserted between your usual progression programs as something fun and different to vary your training. As a bonus, you won’t become severely fatigued. Sure, some amount of overtraining can be good for your long-term strength development, but it’s also devastating if the zombie apocalypse happens during week five of the Russian Squat Routine, when you’re at your most worn out.

You actually need to be ready for the apocalypse every day!

Please note: Even if you cycle this program over and over, it won’t guarantee you’ll survive when the zombies strike. However, it can give you up to a 20 percent increased chance of survival (according to some zombie survival experts).

Take a Closer Look at and Follow This Workout Routine in the StrengthLog App

Want to give Surviving Zombies a go?

It’s available exclusively in our workout app StrengthLog on the program tab.

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It even has a bunch of free programs and workouts. However, our more advanced programs (like this one) are for premium users only.

Want to give premium a go? We offer all new users a free 14-day trial of premium, which you can activate in the app. This also gives you the chance to follow Surviving Zombies for a few weeks, to make sure that you like it!

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Good luck with your training! And remember, make cardio your first rule if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

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