About StrengthLog

Welcome to StrengthLog – a new website dedicated to bringing you the best evidence-based recommendations regarding strength training, nutrition and health!

StrengthLog is all about providing you with easily available information about anything training related, as well as the best in-depth guides around in case you feel like immersing yourself in the subject.

Other than our guides, you’ll also find training programs for strength and hypertrophy – adapted for beginners, intermediates, all the way up to advanced levels. We also have a workout app where you can find all of our programs, as well as the best logging for strength training around. It is called StrengthLog and is available to both iOS and Android.

We are a small Sweden-based company, and our team brings diverse backgrounds to the table – united by our passion for lifting weights.

We’re still pretty new here which explains our somewhat minimalistic content base at the moment. However, we’re adding content all the time, and we can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got planned!

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