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StrengthLog is a free workout tracker for lifters, by lifters. With the app, you can log your workouts, track your progress, and reach your fitness goals.

Our goal with the app and this website is to help you enjoy training as much as we do, and get healthier, stronger, and happier along the way.

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Meet the Team

We’re a small, Sweden-based company of seven people who love strength training.

Daniel Richter StrengthLog

Daniel Richter

I’m the CEO and co-founder of StrengthLog! I’ve been powerlifting for a decade, and I’m a powerlifting coach and certified personal trainer. I’ve also got a Master of Science degree in engineering. I write articles, training programs, and our newsletter!

Philip Wildenstam StrengthLog

Philip Wildenstam

I used to be a powerlifter (my best lift was a 275 kg raw squat), but now I mostly eat, drink, and sleep. I’m a certified nutrition coach and a co-founder of StrengthLog, where I spend most of my time trying to make the app better and more user-friendly!

Nils Nordin StrengthLog

Nils Nordin

I’m the third co-founder of StrengthLog, the app’s creator, and the head of our software development. I’ve been passionate about coding since the first time I saw a computer, and now I’m pouring that into developing a world-class workout tracker.

Andreas Abelsson StrengthLog

Andreas Abelsson

I’m a certified nutrition coach with over three decades of training experience. I have followed and reported on the research fields of exercise, nutrition, and health for almost as long. I’m a specialist in metabolic health and nutrition coaching for athletes.

Maja Nilsson StrengthLog

Maja Nilsson

I’m a developer at StrengthLog, with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. I have a background in handball (you know, the European kind), but for the last few years, I’ve been competing in weightlifting. I want to point out that I snatch considerably more than Philip, no matter what he claims.

Sandrine Quignaudon StrengthLog

Sandrine Quignaudon

I’m in charge of customer support at StrengthLog, so if you write to us with an app-related question, you’ll probably get an answer from me! I’m a certified personal trainer and health coach, and I compete in equipped powerlifting at the world championship level.

Rickard Edfast StrengthLog

Rickard Edfast

I’m a developer at StrengthLog and currently finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. I used to play soccer and do karate, but now I mostly lift weights and hoard more training gear (and cats) for my home gym.

What We Do – For You

The beginning of what would become StrengthLog was founded in 2011, as a Swedish blog about strength training.

We published over a thousand free blog articles and podcast episodes about how to get fitter, stronger, and healthier.

Receiving the Golden Heart
Daniel Richter accepting the “Golden Heart” award in 2014, for the work with our Swedish website.

In addition to the articles, we wrote dozens upon dozens of training programs for different goals and experience levels – beginners, children, seniors, bodybuilders, and elite powerlifters.

In 2018, we created the StrengthLog app to gather all of our training programs, and also to provide a free workout tracker with all the features and analytics that we wanted ourselves.

Philip Wildenstam Squat 275 kg StrengthLog
Philip hanging out at the bottom of a 275 kg squat at a powerlifting competition.

StrengthLog is truly made for lifters, by lifters.

In 2020, we started the website you’re on now: StrengthLog.com. Here we publish training programs and articles about our great passion: strength training.

We love training and everything related to it, and we want to help you make it a positive part of your life, like it’s been for us.

No matter if you’re …

  • up and coming and want to build the biggest and strongest version of yourself,
  • trying to lose weight, get in shape, and feel better about your body,
  • or just want to be active and healthy for the long haul,

… we’re here to cheer you on and provide the tools and information you need to succeed, buddy.

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