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We want to help you build muscle and strength, improve your health, and feel better!

At StrengthLog, we are passionate about strength training, and we know that training is more enjoyable when it is done effectively. That is why we give you evidence-based information, methods, and programs, put into practice by our long training experience.

Here’s how we help you:

  • Workout app. Our greatest tool for you is our workout log app with the same name as this site. With our app StrengthLog, you can log your workouts, see exercise instructions, and follow our programs – or make your own. It is great (and ad-free!) in the free version and even better with premium. Available for both iOS and Android.
  • Articles. We write both long and short articles about anything we find interesting regarding training, nutrition, and supplements. For the full StrengthLog experience, check out our archive!
  • Training Programs. We write training programs for everyone from beginners up to internationally competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders. Some are available here on the site – many more are found in our app.
  • Exercise directory. We have built an exercise library of all the most common and useful strength training exercises, and we are constantly adding to the list. If you want to know how to perform an exercise or what muscles it works, check out our exercise directory.
  • Tools. Finally, we are assembling a set of calculators and tools relevant to lifters. For example, we have tools for calculating your 1RM or your protein need.

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Meet the Team

We’re a small, Sweden-based company of eight people. We started in 2011 with our Swedish website and podcast called Styrkelabbet, which has received multiple accolades and awards. Our workout app StrengthLog and this site you’re currently reading on were started in 2018 and 2020, respectively.


Since the articles probably are what brought you here, let’s begin with our writers.

Daniel Richter StrengthLog
Daniel Richter is the CEO and half of our writing team. He has competed in powerlifting since 2013 and coaches both complete beginners and powerlifters on the national level.
Andreas Abelsson StrengthLog
Andreas Abelsson is our universal genius with over three decades of training experience. A certified nutrition coach, he has followed and reported on the research fields of exercise, nutrition, and health for almost as long and is a specialist in metabolic health and nutrition coaching for athletes.

App Developers

Our software development team, located in Gothenburg.

Nils Nordin StrengthLog
Nils Nordin is the founder of the workout app and the head of our software development office. Currently involved in a bench press wager against Jonathan and Sandrine.
Maja Nilsson StrengthLog
Maja Nilsson competes in weightlifting, and pursues a degree in computer science. Holds the company record in the snatch.
Rickard Edfast used to play football and karate chop stuff, now he boasts the highest bench press PR amongst the developers, and is excluded from the wager.
Jonathan Börnell is a former high-jumper that changed career from the restaurant business to software development. Currently placed last in the bench press wager against Nils and Sandrine.

Podcast & Support

Our Stockholm office runs our two Swedish podcasts and handles customer support.

Philip Wildenstam StrengthLog
Philip Wildenstam runs our two Swedish podcasts and newsletter, writes training programs, and more. Competed in powerlifting between 2016–2019 (with a 275 kg squat!) but has since developed an addiction to the bodybuilding programs in the app.
Sandrine Quignaudon StrengthLog
Sandrine Quignaudon is our podcast host, runs our e-commerce, and is responsible for customer support. She
competes in equipped powerlifting at the international level and is currently leading the bench wager against Nils and Jonathan.


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  • General: For anything general relating to our site and company, please email us at info@strengthlog.com.
  • App support: For support regarding our app StrengthLog and your account, please email app@strengthlog.com.

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