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StrengthLog is a free workout log app for iOS and Android. Track your training, create or follow training programs, and reach your fitness goals.

No ads, no clutter.

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StrengthLog Workout Log v5

“This app has single-handedly changed the trajectory of my fitness journey. I am so grateful that the devs allow really great features in the free version. Best app I have used overall and the best fitness app!”

Joy Adekanmi, ★★★★★

Log Workouts

A workout tracker that is easy to use, but gives you detailed stats under the hood.

  • Log unlimited workouts
  • Personal records & stats
  • Supersets, dropsets, circuit training, & more
  • Set timer
Workout Log App
StrengthLog Workout Log Deadlift Demo

Exercise Guides & Muscles Worked

Choose among 300+ of the most popular exercises – or create your own.

  • Exercise demos
  • Muscles worked
  • Step-by-step instructions

Track Your Progress & Set Goals

Let us crunch your data and show you when you’re making the best progress.

  • Stats & graphs
  • Customizable home screen
  • Set goals for 1RM, training volume, number of workouts, and more
  • Personal Records (PR) for every exercise and rep count
StrengthLog Workout Tracker

“Simplicity is a virtue, and they have succeeded with keeping the interface simple despite myriads of features. Mops the floor with most workout logs out there.”

Muddlerkungen, ★★★★★
Training programs

Break Your Plateaus With Our Programs

Long time since you got stronger?

Our team of experienced coaches are constantly adding to our library of programs & workout routines for:

  • Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding
  • General Strength & Muscle Growth

Traps McGee, 04/13/2022

Best Weightlifting Log Out There
I recommend this app to 100% of people who lift weights. It is awesome in so many ways such as pre-programmed routines, customizable routines, information and examples of lifts, a timer, and the graphic it gives you showing the muscles you worked in a session. Several other cool features, too.

Additionally, the support is top notch. The StrengthLog team genuinely cares about its user base.


Is the app free or paid?
Free, with a premium subscription for additional features.

Here’s a sample of what you get in the free version:

  • No ads.
  • Log unlimited workouts.
  • Basic statistics about your training (PR’s, history, etc).
  • Create and follow basic training programs and workouts.
  • Choose from our 300+ exercises or create your own.
  • Automatic set-timer.
  • Calculators for 1RM, daily calorie consumption, IPF/Wilks Points, Sinclair Coefficients, and warm-up suggestions when going for a new PR.
  • Plan workouts, or import sets, weights, and reps from previous workouts.
  • Muscle map and body measurements.
  • Set goals for a 1RM, number of workouts, total weight, total reps, and more.
  • Free support.

Then, there’s a premium subscription. Here’s a sample of what you get in the premium version:

  • Advanced training programs. For the powerlifter, bodybuilder, or powerbuilder. At all levels, and with different time commitments.
  • In-depth reports and statistics about your training. How have you been training recently? Or since the start? What muscle groups and exercises are you training the most, and how heavy?
  • Quick-stats at a glance while you’re training. What is your rep-PR at this weight in this exercise? How many reps do you usually do at this weight? If you beat that, it means you’re working harder and probably will make faster gains.
  • Advanced logging with RPE/RiR. Switch on our RPE/RiR feature and use it in your training log. We will automatically calculate your estimated 1RM based on this information.
  • Repeat a workout – with heavier weights. Or lighter. Or the same weights. Just select your last training session, decide if you want to push your limits (maybe increase all weights with 1%?), or do an easy workout today (maybe decrease all weights by 20%?).
  • Workouts for different goals. Aside from our training programs, we also have free-standing single workouts tailored for different purposes. Want a power-building workout for the bench press? Or a leg day focused on quad hypertrophy? And can you survive the “Swedish Idiot Routine”?
Do you offer support?
You can bet your sweet cheeks we do! And yes, even for the free version.

Our support team in Sweden will answer your questions most often on the same day, especially Monday through Friday. Send an e-mail to and we’ll help you ASAP. Alternatively, you can try to find your answer in our help desk.

StrengthLog Support

Here’s Sandrine! She competes in equipped powerlifting, and if you write to our support mail, chances are she’ll be the one answering you.

Where are you located?
In Sweden! Most of us are in either Stockholm or Gothenburg. You can read more about us here.
Can I provide feedback?
Sure you can! Feedback from our users is one of the most important sources of ideas to make the app better and create new features. Write to and pour your heart out.
Why should I use a workout app instead of a notebook?
While all of us here at StrengthLog love the look and feel of a notebook (Who doesn’t? Voldemort?), there are some things that only a digital training journal can do.

StrengthLog compiles the data from your training and provides you with reports of how it’s going, how you are usually training, and what you will have to do to beat it. You can also easily copy past workouts and then attempt to improve your weights or reps from last time.

StrengthLog Workout tracker personal records

Keep track of your personal records at each repetition count. Regularly beat these, and you’re getting stronger!

StrengthLog Workout Log stats

In the premium version, you can tap a set and see quick stats at the top of the screen, showing you more information about that set.

Why do I need to register an account?
It’s for your own protection, buddy. Without an account, your workout data would only be saved locally on your phone. With an account, we can keep a copy in the cloud.

Some users initially feel an account is unnecessary, but when switching phones a year or two later they’re always happy their precious training data is safe with us.

Initially, we did actually let people use the app without first creating an account, but after too many support emails from sad users who had lost their data, we finally made the switch and began requiring an account. You can, however, register using third-part services like Google, Apple, and Facebook to speed up the process.

Can I create my own training programs?
Yeah, buddy! StrengthLog let’s you create both stand-alone workouts, as well as long training programs consisting of multiple weeks and workouts.

Our program builder is accessible both in the free and premium version, but only premium users can write their training programs using % of 1RM and RPE/RIR.

Will the app suck without premium?
Oh, no. We’re giving 90% away in the free version, making it better than most paid workout apps. Then, we’re saving the last sweet pieces for the premium users, who are the ones actually funding the continued development of the app.

We sometimes wonder if we’re being bad business men and women for giving away so much in the free version. Amazingly, a lot of our wonderful fans actually upgrade to the premium version just to support us. ❤️

What types of training can I log in the app?
StrengthLog is primarily a strength training log, and that is what we emphasize.

Apart from regular sets and reps, you can also track many other special sets and workout variations:

  • Supersets
  • Circuits
  • Tabata
  • Weightlifting complexes
  • EMOM

You can register your cardio workouts (running, cycling, etc) but you shouldn’t expect the features you’d find in a dedicated cardio training log.

How do you log a workout?
Here’s how to log a workout:

  1. Tap the + icon in the middle of the bottom menu.
  2. Tap “Start new workout”.
  3. Add your first exercise.
  4. Enter the weight and reps.
  5. Add additional sets or exercises until you’re done with your workout.
  6. To save the workout, tap the check mark in the top right corner.
  7. Name your workout, add comments, and rate how it felt.
  8. Tap the check mark again to save and close.

Ta-da! You’ve logged a workout!

Here’s a video demonstration:

More From Our Users

mattvj5, 04/13/2022

The best app to track workouts
If you want an organized way to track workouts this is the app. You can track everything by just tracking your workouts as well.

Once you have a few months of workouts in the app you can look at all kinds of data on your own training and make decisions on future programming.

It’s my favorite app on my phone.

flamineo77, 27/03/2022

I’ve tried most of the other training log apps on the App Store and this is the best for me. Simple and effective.

  • fast no-nonsense interface
  • intuitive rest timer
  • easy to add and remove sets and weights – love the feature to convert a set to warmup and convert all previous sets at the same time
  • muscle diagram and auto-naming workouts for muscle groups is really cool
  • unobtrusive in-line help
  • notes & logging features are just what I want!


  • it took me a while to understand that you mark a set done by pressing the number
  • I don’t understand what the plus and minus sign beside each set does

Thank you for a great app!

Drew_Allen, 04/13/2022

Fantastic App
This app is extremely helpful in tracking progress through mesocycles and the entire calendar year. It has lots of cool features like a rest timer and your yearly PR’s for every exercise. They continue to update and add additional features. I highly recommend the premium subscription, which comes with tons of different training programs, from hypertrophy to strength and powerlifting focus. Can’t recommend this app enough.

Silvergwf, 12/21/2019

This is the best app for tracking your strength training in.

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