StrengthLog’s Lower Body Workout Routine

lower body workout routine

StrengthLog’s lower body workout routine is a six-week training program focusing on building a sensational lower body. Give this workout routine a go if you want full, round glutes and firm, shapely legs.  You can find it as Thicc: Lower Body Specialization, a premium training program available in the StrengthLog workout tracker. You can download … Read more

Does Strength Training Stunt Growth?

does strength training stunt growth?

Does strength training stunt growth? That is a common question and concern among parents of growing children. In this article, you’ll find out what the science says and whether you can safely let your kids hit the weights without fear that they’ll harm their bones. Strength Training for Children: Current Recommendations The benefits of youth … Read more

Leg Press vs Squat: Which is Better For You?

Leg press vs squat

Leg presses and squats are two of the most common and effective exercises for training your leg muscles. But which is better? Is one of them better for building muscle, gaining strength, or improving your sports performance? In this article, I’ll compare the leg press and the squat and try to help you decide which … Read more

StrengthLog’s 6-Day Upper/Lower Workout Split

StrengthLog’s 6-Day Upper/Lower Workout Split

StrengthLog’s 6-Day Upper/Lower Workout Split is a nine-week training program for intermediate to advanced lifters and bodybuilders who want to build muscle and strength, training six days per week. It is a high-frequency hypertrophy program based on current exercise science. This article outlines everything you need to know about the training split: the workouts, the … Read more

Eating for Muscle Growth: When, What, and How Much

eating for muscle growth

The three cornerstones of building muscle are training, rest, and diet. And genetics, of course. However, you can’t do much about those. Let’s ignore genetics and focus on what you can improve, mainly eating for muscle growth. Everyone likes to eat. This article is about what you should eat to give your muscles what they … Read more

Strength Training for Runners: A Comprehensive Guide

strength training for runners

Runners are notoriously hesitant to pick up the weights and engage in strength training. The fear of getting heavy, bulky, and muscle-bound (whatever that really means) prevents many runners from looking at the gym for more than, possibly, a place to spend some time on the treadmill during harsh weather. Also, many runners don’t enjoy … Read more

How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

build muscle and lose fat

Most of us would like to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, but is it possible? Should you focus on one thing at a time? Many people believe that accomplishing both things at the same time is close to impossible or that only absolute beginners can do it. In this article, you’ll learn why that … Read more

Bodybuilding Blitz: Maximum Gains in Minimum Time

bodybuilding blitz

If you don’t have much time to spend in the gym every day but still want to build muscle as efficiently as possible, Bodybuilding Blitz is the training program you need. It is available in StrengthLog, which you can download for free using the buttons below. This article outlines the training split: the workout plan, … Read more

Discover All New Features in v5.1 of the Strengthlog Gym App

What's new in version 5.1 of StrengthLog Workout App

We’ve released nine bug fixes after version 5.0 of StrengthLog, now it’s finally time for some new features to further improve the best gym app in the world. Go ahead and update now, version 5.1 is live for both Android and iPhone. Here’s what you’ll find after updating: The Old Font Is Back! We heard … Read more