Intermediate Squat Program, 2 Days/Week

Intermediate Squat Program

In this post, I’ll outline an intermediate squat program designed to increase your squat strength and build bigger leg muscles.  I will also explain how and why your training should differ from the beginner’s. Are you still a beginner? Check out our beginner squat program. If you’ve left the beginner phase behind, read on. (Note that … Read more

StrengthLog’s 6 Day Workout Split: A Premium Bodybuilding Program

6 day workout split

Are you looking for a 6 day gym workout schedule for building muscle like a pro? You’re in the right place! StrengthLog’s 6 Day Workout Split is a six-week training program for intermediate to advanced bodybuilders. It is designed to maximize muscle growth with highly effective workouts, focusing on one major muscle group per session without … Read more

Workout Plan for Women: Thicc Beginner Lower Body Specialization

Thicc: Beginner Lower Body Specialization

If you’re looking for a workout plan for women, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find detailed but easy-to-understand descriptions of the exercises you need and step-by-step instructions on getting started with a perfect program for transforming your body and building strong muscles. Thicc: Beginner Lower Body Specialization is a free training … Read more

Bodybuilding Leg Workout for Mass (7 Exercises)

bodybuilding leg workout

As a bodybuilder, skipping leg day is not an option. Your legs are the foundation upon which your physique rests. A good bodybuilding leg workout is the most physically and mentally draining training day of the week, but the results are well worth it. There is no doubt about it: leg workouts are challenging and take … Read more

Top 20 Powerlifting Exercises For Strength & Mass

Powerlifting Exercises

Powerlifting is all about getting stronger in the big three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. While these exercises are great for increasing your strength and muscle mass, they are not the only exercises employed by powerlifters looking to boost their total. In this article, we’ll go over 20 of the best and most … Read more

Bodybuilding Statistics: Training, Diet, Supplements, and Steroids

bodybuilding statistics

If you’re looking for bodybuilding statistics, whether out of personal interest or for a work or school project, this article is for you! Here you’ll find interesting facts about bodybuilding in general and statistics on the training and dietary practices of amateur and professional bodybuilders, all compiled from peer-reviewed scientific research. In addition, you’ll learn … Read more

StrengthLog’s Upper/Lower Body Split Program, 4x/Week

Training program upper lower body workout

This upper/lower split program is available for free in our app StrengthLog! Download it for iOS or Android. What does it take for you to get bigger and stronger? You need to: An upper/lower body split program running on four training days per week is an excellent workout routine to tick off all three points … Read more

How to Train Your Leg Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Leg muscle exercises and workout

Your legs hold some of the largest and strongest muscles in your body. They provide your base of support and your means of transportation, and are as such paramount in all sports and activities where you stand on two feet. In terms of muscle symmetry, your leg muscles round out your physique by giving you … Read more

Beginner Squat Program, 2 Days/Week

Beginner Squat Workout Routine

How do you get stronger in the squat as a beginner? In this post, I’ll outline a simple yet effective beginner squat program that will give you the biggest gains and the best start to your squat training career. Squat Training for the Beginner Squat training for beginners is simple, yet it is often messed … Read more