Life Is Too Tasty: Confessions of a Fat Lifter

The columnist enyojing a cigar

We’re becoming a world of fat people. By 2035 it’s estimated that more than half of us will be overweight or even obese. Well whoop-de-do. This is already creating the perfect storm of excuses for everyone in love with condemning how others live their lives. You know the type. The goody two-shoes. The moral fanatics. … Read more

The Best Gym App for Apple Watch Is Here

The StrengthLog Workout Tracker App is now available for Apple Watch

Want to use your Apple Watch at the gym? Great news! The popular StrengthLog Gym App is finally available for Apple Watch. Download v5.11 of StrengthLog on the Apple App Store today, to gain access to the Apple Watch version as well. What Can the Apple Watch Version of StrengthLog Do? Let’s Break It Down! … Read more

The Best Overhead Press Workout Plan for Stronger Shoulders

Press Pasodoble – a popular training program for the overhead press

Most people in love with the barbell, still give up on the overhead press (also know as military press and standing barbell press), without ever giving a dedicated workout plan for stronger shoulders a shot. It’s just too much hard work. Lifting more weight in the squat, deadlift or even bench press is easy in … Read more

A New App Icon for the StrengthLog Workout App

This is the new app icon for StrengthLog

The StrengthLog app is closing in on its fourth birthday, and it’s time for a small change. Update to v5.4 (live on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store now!) and we’ll swap out the old app icon on your homescreen to our new mascot. Let’s call the mascot Oxis, for now. A strong, gentle … Read more

Surviving Zombies: The Workout Routine for the Apocalypse

Surviving Zombies: The Ultimate Workout Routine When Prepping for the Apocalypse

Training to survive the zombie apocalypse is perhaps the best reason to train at all. Think about how just a few hours of exercise per week, following a challenging but fun workout routine, can prevent you from having your intestines ripped out of your body. Think about it, buddy. The Surviving Zombies workout routine was … Read more

The Best Weight Plate Calculator Is Free

The best free plate calculator is available in the latest version of StrengthLog

We’ve finally added a barbell weight plate calculator to the workout app StrengthLog – and it’s completely free for all users. This is a feature requested by a lot of lifters. While still in beta, and lots of tweaks and fixes coming to future releases, it might already be the best plate calc on the … Read more