Powerlifting Programs: Training Programs for Powerlifting

Here is a list of all the powerlifting programs currently available in our app StrengthLog.

Powerlifting Programs

  • Intermediate Bench Press Program. 2–3x/week. A bench press program for the intermediate lifter, who is not yet ready for advanced bench press training.
  • Advanced Bench Press Program. 3 x/week. A bench press program for the advanced lifter, who needs to do a lot of training in order to progress. Nine weeks long, and ends in a short peaking phase and a max attempt.
  • Bench Press Boogie. 2–5x/week. One of our most popular training programs, having helped thousands of lifters get stronger in the bench press. This is a six-week long bench press program intended to increase your bench press 1RM and build your upper body muscles. Available from two up to five workouts per week, depending on your training level.
  • Deadlift Disco. 2x/week. Our deadlift program for powerlifting. Increase your deadlift 1RM and build bigger back muscles. Six weeks long, but possible to cycle through several times.
  • Deadlift Builder. 2x/week. To pull big weights, you need big muscles. This program aims to increase your strength potential by increasing the mass of your deadlift muscles. Six weeks long.
  • Powerlifting ABC. 3–4x/week. Powerlifting ABC is an 11-week long powerlifting program, divided into four weeks of preparatory training, four weeks of specialization, and three weeks of peaking – which culminates in a competition (or max attempts).
  • Powerlifting DUP. 3x/week. A daily undulating periodization (DUP) program aimed at strength for the intermediate powerlifter. Choose between the one-lift variant or the one with all three powerlifts.
  • Powerlifting Polka. 3–6x/week. One of our most popular and effective powerlifting programs. It is six weeks long and comes in three versions: 3, 4, and 6 days per week. Powerlifting Polka is a mash-up of our most popular programs for the three big lifts: Squat Samba, Bench Press Boogie, and Deadlift Disco.
  • Powerlifting Pronto. 5x/week. A minimalized version of Powerlifting Polka, this program consists of five short workouts per week, each featuring one of the powerlifts: 2x squat, 2x bench press, and 1x deadlift. No accessory exercises, and medium/low training volume. This program was written for busy powerlifters who want to squeeze workouts in during the workday, for instance during lunch breaks.

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