Lifting Fast and Slow, 2 Days/Week

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In this training program, you will be switching between contrasts: one session will have you lifting heavy and slow, the other will have you lifting light and fast. The goal? Getting stronger, of course!

The program comes in three versions. One each for:

The original idea was that this was a deadlift program, but after some thinking I couldn’t come up with a good reason for why the same methodology shouldn’t work for the squat and bench press as well.

The program consists of two workouts per week for seven weeks, and ends with a max attempt in week eight. For the first seven weeks, you will alternate between two contrasting workouts:

  • A heavy workout that will train your maximum force generation, in which you will lift close to failure.
  • A light workout that will train your maximum power generation, in which you will stop far from failure.

Heavy lifts done with high forces move slowly and light lifts done with high power move fast, hence the name of the program.

Even if heavy lifting with high forces is the most specific training for a max single, light and explosive lifts where you stop far from failure have been proven effective for increasing your strength as well. This has been shown in modern research studies, and it has been tried and tested for decades back in Westside Barbell’s “Conjugate System”, as an example.

You will be training progressively heavier for the first seven weeks, and in week eight you will be doing a max attempt single. Enter a 1RM that gives you reasonable training weights, especially for the heavy workout each week. The training should be challenging but doable, and with a good technique. Rather start off too light and increase your entered 1RM over the course of the program, than start too heavy and fail workouts a few weeks in.

The training program has recommendations for auxiliary exercises. Feel free to follow these recommendations as they are, substitute them for something else, or skip them entirely and only train the main lift portion of the program.

Perform the two workouts in the course of one week, with 2–3 rest days in between. For example Monday and Friday.

Let’s Lift!

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Give it a shot and let me know what you think, and how it worked for you!

I wish you good luck with your training! 🙂

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