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Do you want to train each muscle group more often than with Bodybuilding Ballet? Does the rolling schedule of Bodybuilding 313 not fit your personal schedule? Do you want to get both bigger and stronger?

If your answers to these three questions are yes, no, and yes, StrengthLog’s Strength & Size is a good choice for you. It is a six-week premium program with four days of training per week. It is also a training program tailored primarily for bodybuilding, although you will find it great for increasing your strength as well.

What’s the difference between Strength & Size and Strengthlog’s Powerbuilding, you might ask. Powerbuilding mixes strength and hypertrophy training in the same workout, focusing on one of the compound lifts important for powerlifting, before moving on to complementary bodybuilding training. This is likely your best choice if your primary goal is to become a stronger powerlifter, but would like to build muscle effectively at the same time. In StrengthLog’s Strength & Size, you split your strength workouts and your hypertrophy workouts. The main purpose of Strength & Size is to be the best choice if your primary goal is to build muscle, but would like to increase your strength effectively at the same time.

The Strength & Size workouts aren’t as high in volume as those you find in Bodybuilding Ballett. Instead, you train each muscle more often, which might help you maintain a higher set quality throughout your workout.

By default, you train two days, rest one, train two, and rest two. This means that you have the weekend off if you want to. Of course, you can switch your training days around so that you lift and rest on other days if that fits your schedule better.

This is what StrengthLog’s Strength & Size looks like:

  • Day 1: quads, chest, shoulders, triceps, and calves

The first workout is heavy and strength-focused, with a lot of pressing movements, plus deadlifts baked into the mix. Few but heavy sets for legs, then heavy presses for your upper body, followed by some calf work.

  • Day 2: back, biceps, hamstrings, and abs

In the second workout of the week, you train the rest of your body with a hypertrophy-specific workout focusing on pulling movements. This workout gives your body a chance to recuperate from the heavy lifting the day before.

  • Day 3: rest
  • Day 4: quads, chest, shoulders, and triceps

The third workout is another workout with hypertrophy as the goal. Mostly pressing exercises here, using lighter weights and more repetitions. This is also the workout with the highest number of sets since most of the exercises don’t require very long rest intervals in between sets.

  • Day 5: back, rear delts, hamstrings, calves, and abs

Finally, you finish off the training week with another heavy workout. You have two days to recover from it, after all. This workout is mostly a pulling workout.

  • Day 6: rest
  • Day 7: rest

The program comes with recommendations for progression, rest intervals, how to approach things like failure and repetition tempo, and other factors that influence your results. Along with each exercise, you get instructions and recommendations for the number of sets and reps to perform, day after day, week after week.

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