Bodybuilding Ballet: a Premium Training Program for Hypertrophy

Do you want to build muscle?

Of course you do. And we have just the right program for you.

It’s called Bodybuilding Ballet and it is one of the most popular training programs in our app.

Bodybuilding Ballet is a classic bro-split, meaning you train each muscle group directly only once a week, but when you do, you go all-out. It’s the choice of program for most competitive bodybuilders.

The program is six weeks long, with four, five, or six training days per week, depending on how often you can and want to work out. We’re talking a high training volume, sleeve-busting pump, and a combination of heavy lifting and isolation work for max hypertrophy. The three variants of the programs are comparable in training volume, with the four-day program being more concentrated than other versions. 

Bodybuilding Ballets: For the Experienced Lifter Looking to Gain Muscle

Bodybuilding Ballet is not a beginners program. It’s designed for the moderately advanced lifter and up. If you want to follow the program to your bodybuilding goals, you should already be standing on a firm base of strength training experience.

The program is designed with muscle growth in mind, not necessarily max strength gains. Don’t worry, you’ll get stronger as well with Bodybuilding Ballet, but strength and power are not the main goals. Muscle hypertrophy is. This is the program if you want tree-trunk quads, bulging biceps, and a massive back.

Along with the training program itself, you’ll also get recommendations for progression, rest intervals, rest days, and many other things important for your gains. All exercises are listed in detail with sets and reps tailored for great gains. Over the course of six weeks, it’ll take you closer to your bodybuilding goals through a combination of heavy compound exercises and isolation work. 

Bodybuilding Ballet is a premium program, available right now in our app StrengthLog for iOS and Android.

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