How to Do Barbell Lunge: Muscles Worked & Proper Form

Barbell Lunge exercise technique

Muscles Worked in Barbell Lunges

Muscles worked by barbell lunge

Primary muscles worked:

How to Do Barbell Lunges

  1. Take a big step forward and sink as deep as possible in a lunge position, without hitting the knee of the back leg in the floor.
  2. Return to the starting position by pushing yourself back with the front leg.


The lunge is an exercise that not only strengthens your leg muscles, but it can also be used to train your balance, coordination and control. An alternative to using a barbell for external load, is to hold weights (i.e. dumbbells or kettlebells) in your hands.

An alternative way to perform this exercise, that might feel easier on your knees, is to take a step backward instead of forward.

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