Bodybuilding 313 – a Training Program for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding 313, the new training program for all you aspiring bodybuilders out there who want to build muscle!

If you open your StrengthLog workout tracker app today, you will be greeted by a brand new training program! It is a premium bodybuilding program called Bodybuilding 313. That name is not a reference to the license plate number of Donald Duck’s car, although that coincidence is, of course, a bonus.

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Rather, Bodybuilding 313 is a three-day training split, in which you train three days, rest one, train three, and so on. It’s a classic type of training program, used by many top bodybuilders throughout the decades.

The most common type of three-day split is probably the so-called Push/Pull/Leg method, in which you perform pressing exercises for your upper body on the first training day, pulling exercises for your upper body on the second day, and finish off with your lower body on day three.

Why Pick Bodybuilding 313 Over Other Programs?

Bodybuilding 313 is not a P/P/L-program. We already have a P/P/L-program in the StrengthLog app, with the supremely imaginative name Push/Pull/Legs.

Bodybuilding 313 is what you could call an antagonist-based training program. This means combining chest and back, biceps and triceps, and so on, in the same workouts. We have such a program as well, the free Arnold’s Basic Mass Routine. So why pick Bodybuilding 313? Well, for one thing, it has a more forgiving training volume than the Arnold program. Also, being a premium program, it gives you built-in progression week-by-week and offers a different set of exercises.

For example, there are no deadlifts in Bodybuilding 313! One of the few complaints we received over our other premium bodybuilding program, Bodybuilding Ballet, were all those deadlifts. While many love them, some aspiring bodybuilders felt they ate into their ability to recover from the fairly lengthy workouts. Other than that, we designed Bodybuilding 313 quite differently from the Ballet, including the fact that your train every muscle group 1½ to two times per week rather than one.

In your StrengthLog app, you’ll find in-depth information and suggestions regarding rest intervals, progression, and much more, by pressing the Read More-button.

Take a look and see if this program looks like something for you. If you want to build that body, we think it will. Bodybuilding 313 is available right now in our app StrengthLog for iOS and Android.

Want to give Strengthlog premium a shot? We offer all new users a free 14-day trial of premium, which you can activate in the app.

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