Armageddon: A Premium Training Program for Bigger Arms

Are you a reasonably experienced lifter struggling to get your arms to grow? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your arm training. Are you ready to take it to the next level? If you’ve answered “yes” to those questions, you’re ready for Armageddon!

Armageddon is the new premium StrengthLog training program designed for bulging biceps and tremendous triceps. It’s a four-week program focusing solely on high-volume and high-intensity arm training, forcing your biceps and triceps to respond with muscle growth.

Presenting Armageddon, Our New Training Program for Massive Arm Gains

With Armageddon, you train three times per week for a total of four weeks. Every training session during this time is a dedicated arm workout. You perform three biceps exercises and three triceps exercises each workout. The exercises are carefully selected to target every bundle of muscle fibers in your arms from every imaginable angle.

Armageddon comes with built-in progression in the form of increased training volume and training intensity week by week. Each week you add one set for your biceps and one for your triceps in a carefully planned order.

  • The first training session of the week means basic exercises for both your biceps and triceps, exercises that let you hit the heavy weights for 6–8 reps. These exercises are the foundation of your arm training, building both strength and size.
  • The second workout is traditional bodybuilding-style training using 8–12 reps and going for a good pump, really focusing on making sure the right muscle does the job.
  • You finish off the arm week with pure isolation work during the third workout. That means high-rep training for 12–15 reps, filling your muscles with blood for that sleeve-bursting pump.

Together, the three weekly training sessions provide your arms with a complete package, both in terms of exercise selection and rep intervals, and an offer they can’t resist: adapt and grow.

How Long Should You Follow Armageddon?

As I mentioned above, Armageddon is a four-week program, and I recommend you take at least that long a break from it once you’re done with a month of dedicated arm training. Armageddon is intended as a short but highly stressful (in a good way) and intense training program that nukes your arms, forcing them to grow. It’s not intended as a year-round program or a program you rotate over and over without giving your arms a break. Mix things up and let your arms recuperate by switching to a training program that works all your muscle groups equally once you’re done with Armageddon. Maybe one of the many other StrengthLog programs?

What About the Rest of Your Body?

Armageddon is an all-out arm program with nothing but biceps and triceps exercises. That does not mean I want you to train nothing but arms while following Armageddon. Work the rest of your body the way you see fit and enjoy, but be careful overdoing it with too many pulling and pressing exercises. Those hit your arms as well, and it might end up being too much for your poor biceps and triceps if you combine Armageddon with excessive chest, back, and shoulder work. That’s one of the reasons Armageddon isn’t written as a year-round program.

Stimulate your biceps and triceps, don’t annihilate them.

One suggestion would be to take one of our low-volume programs, like StrengthLog’s Full-Body Workout, and simply add Armageddon to it. Doing so gives you a complete training program for your entire body while putting the torch to your biceps and triceps. Of course, that’s just a suggestion. Feel free to follow your favorite training program for the rest of your body to complement Armageddon. In that case, I recommend replacing any isolated biceps and triceps training in that program with Armageddon.

Armageddon It!

You can find Armageddon among the premium training programs in our workout log app StrengthLog.

While Armageddon is a premium program, the app itself is free with unlimited logging and plenty of free training programs.

Want to give premium a shot? We offer all new users a free 14-day trial of premium, which you can activate in the app.

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