Zero to Hero: An Upper/Lower Body Training Program for Strength and Size!

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Zero to Hero is a 10-week long upper / lower body training program, centered around classic compound lifts. Initially, you focus more on hypertrophy-style training, and towards the end train more and more with heavy weights. Over the ten weeks, you move from doing 10 reps down to 1 rep in the very last week – where you make a PR-attempt at 105% of your previous max!

The training is divided into two lower body sessions and two upper body sessions per week, each of which focuses on squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and overhead presses, respectively. After completing the main lift of the workout, you move on to supplementary training of the upper and lower body muscle groups, respectively.

The training volume is on a medium level, and you train all the body’s major muscle groups with a frequency of twice per week. The workouts are designed to not take too much time, and if you are quick, you can probably blaze through them in about an hour. If you keep the tempo lower and rest longer between sets, you can probably do it in about 90 minutes.

Zero to Hero: Purpose and Goals

The idea of this training program is to both build muscle and increase your strength. In the beginning, your training will be more focused on muscle growth, but as you move through the weeks, you will change focus gradually to more strength-oriented training with more heavy lifts and low-rep sets. However, because the supplementary exercises remain each week, we believe that the opportunities for continuous muscle growth during the full length of the program will be very good.

Not only the weights increase each week, but so does the exertion level. The program starts off pretty easy, only to become increasingly challenging as you complete each week. If you manage to follow the program all the way to the end, then you will find that your reward have been granted as you reach the end of week 10: more muscle and strength!

You can find additional information in the app, regarding rest days, progression, rest between sets, training to failure, and so on. Just hit “Read more” in the preview of the program, and you will find more information.

We hope that you’ll find this to be a fun and challenging program, that takes you from Zero to Hero!

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