Discover All New Features in v5.1 of the Strengthlog Gym App

We’ve released nine bug fixes after version 5.0 of StrengthLog, now it’s finally time for some new features to further improve the best gym app in the world.

Go ahead and update now, version 5.1 is live for both Android and iPhone.

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Here’s what you’ll find after updating:

The Old Font Is Back!

We heard you, loud and clear. The old font might not be as flashy as the one we gave a try for v5.0, but readability is more important.

Track How Many Times You’ve Completed Program Workouts

In love with a certain in-app training program? Next to the check mark we’ve added how many times you have trained each program workout, to make it easier for you to keep track of where you are in the program, which workouts you’ve skipped, and how many cycles you’ve completed.

To view this, visit the program tab and tap the program you follow.

New Widget on the Homescreen: Miniature Training Log

Want faster access to your ten most recent workouts? Scroll down the homescreen to find this new widget, granting you access to popular features like ”Train again”, ”Image for sharing” and much more for your ten latest workouts.

Pro tip: You can customize the order of your homescreen by long pressing any widget and move them up or down. Tap the check mark in the upper right corner when you’re done.

Increased Gratification When Reaching a Training Goal

v5.0 introduced you to the training goal feature. Since then we’ve gotten feedback regarding the goal instantly disappearing from the homescreen, once you’ve reached it.

Yeah buddy, we agree that it’s more satisfying to keep finished goals visible for as long as you like. To remove a goal from the homescreen, you can archive or delete it instead.

View History of Individual Exercises in Special Sets

When using special sets that contain more than one exercise, you haven’t been able to access your training history for the individual exercises. Well, now you can. Just tap the three dots on the exercise block to access this view.

Import Saved Workouts to Programs in the Program Builder

Have you created your own workouts under the Mine-tab on the Programs & Workouts page, and want to merge them into a complete workout routine? Tap the three dots on the workout in question and choose ”Add to program”.

See Planned Workouts in the Calendar View

Go to your training log and tap the calendar view in the upper right corner. You’ll now also see any planned workouts you have assigned with a training date.

That’s About It, Plus Plenty of Smashed Bugs!

As the old saying goes: ”I fixed a bug, now I have two new ones.”

When adding new features, we’re also adding complexity. And complexity brings unforeseen bugs. Luckily, we have a team of four awesome developers, always on top of things. If you’ve scrolled this far, say hi to them!

This is Jonathan, Maja, Nils and Rickard.

Meet our developers, Jonathan, Maja, Nils and Rickard

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