What’s New in Version 5.0 of the StrengthLog Workout App?

StrengthLog is still the same awesome workout tracker, I promise! We’ve just spent the last several months redesigning it from scratch. To be able to give you new useful features and a design more suitable for dark mode (don’t worry, light mode remains available).

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In addition to a new look, you’ll find the following new features in version 5.0:

  • Drag and drop on the home screen, for placing things in the order you want them.
  • Create training goals.
  • Two new set types: Tabata and AMRAP.
  • New structure on the program and workout tabs, for better sorting.
  • When previewing a program workout, swipe to view next or previous workout.
  • News from us directly on the home screen.

Noticed that last bullet point? In 2022 we finally have the technology needed for one way communication! Which means that you won’t have to visit this website to read news about the app, you can read them in-app instead.

All jokes aside, we hope you’ll like getting news about the app on your home screen. I might even throw in articles from this site, when I believe you’ll find them useful.

Let’s expand on a few more bullet points.

Don't be scared, it's still the same app
Don’t be scared, it’s basically the same app as before, it just got some new gains

Create Training Goals

Beta alert! This feature is still very much in development, and we’d love your feedback to help us improve it. As always, you’ll reach us at app@strengthlog.com.

Anyhoo. At the moment we offer five types of training goals:

  1. Total reps
  2. Total weight
  3. Total sets
  4. Number of workouts
  5. PR

We hope that the process of creating a training goal is pretty self explanatory, but we’ll add a helpdesk article at help.strengthlog.com as soon as we’ve worked out the kinks.

Try creating your first training goal straight away, and play around with the feature a bit. You’re always able to edit it again later, if you’re unhappy with it.

Drag and Drop on the Home Screen

Just long press any block and they’ll start twerking, signaling you’re free to move them around. Want your newly created training goal front and center? Move it up!

AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible

New set type, available under special sets!

Set your time restraint and create your AMRAP with one or more exercises, and see how many rounds (or reps) you’re able to complete within that time frame.


Another new set type, also available under special sets!

Use this for high-intensity interval training. Choose work time, rest time and number of intervals, then add one or more blocks of exercises. Every time the timer counts down to zero, you automatically switch from work to rest, or vice versa.

That’s not all there is, but you’ll discover more as you use the app. If you find bugs or want to give us feedback, please use app@strengthlog.com.

Thanks, and good luck with your training!


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