Three Reasons to Keep a Workout Log

One of the easiest way to get better results in the gym? Keep a workout log.

We developed our workout log app to improve your gains in strength and size, and at the same time, make your training more enjoyable.

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Here are my top three reasons for why you should keep a workout log.

#1: Better Training Results

The key factor in getting stronger is to lift more than last time. This sounds simple in theory, but in practice, this is what most people fail to do.

By keeping a workout log, you can look back at what you lifted last time in a given exercise, and try to improve on that today. Adding even a single rep or pound per workout leads to massively improved strength and muscle size in the long run.

#2: It Gives You an Overview

“The plan is to keep the plan the plan.”

It is easy to be lead astray in your training. You might come up with additional exciting training goals, and soon you’ve got so many of them that you forget your initial, highest priority goals.

Writing something down, be it in a paper journal or in a fitness app, helps with clarity.

Workout log app
In the StrengthLog app, I’ve added my four weekly workouts as favorites on my home screen. This helps me stay on track with my training, and not skip workouts or make bad training decisions.

#3: Remind Yourself of Your Progress

Sometimes, you’re going to feel as if your training is going nowhere. Given that you follow a reasonable training program, however, that is likely not the case.

By keeping a workout log, you can look back on your training last month, quarter, or year.

Maybe now you’re doing sets of five reps at your old 1RM? Maybe the weights you could lift at your best and heaviest workout a year ago, now is what you do on a “light” day?

By looking back at where you’ve been, you realize how far you’ve come.

Want to give keeping a workout log a shot? Check out the StrengthLog app. It’s 100 % free, forever, and the premium version offers additional benefits.

We offer all new users a free 14-day trial of premium, which you can activate in the app.

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Daniel has a decade of experience in powerlifting, is a certified personal trainer, and has a Master of Science degree in engineering. Besides competing in powerlifting himself, he coaches both beginners and international-level lifters. Daniel regularly shares tips about strength training on Instagram, and you can follow him here.