The 10 Best Core Exercises for Muscle & Strength

Core exercise training

Your core muscles form the foundation of everything else you do. Together, your core muscles bend, extend, rotate, and stabilize your body. Any time you create force or movement with your legs or arms, your core is where it all begins. In this article, we’ll review ten of the best core exercises you can do to … Read more

How to Train Your Lower Back Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Lower back muscles

Your lower back muscles sit in and around your lumbar region. They are at the center of much of your movements and make your lower back both strong and flexible. In this article, you will learn about your lower back muscle anatomy, what some effective lower back exercises are, and how you can combine them … Read more

How to Train Your Core Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Core muscle training

“Strong limbs on a weak core is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe.” Your core muscles are all the muscles surrounding your spine and abdomen, stabilizing your pelvis and trunk. Without strong enough core muscles, you cannot effectively exert force in exercises like the squat and deadlift, and they are essential for … Read more

StrengthLog’s Full Body Workout Routine, 3x/Week

Full body hypertrophy workout program

A full body workout routine offers numerous benefits for strength, muscle gain, and overall fitness.  By training your entire body two or three times per week, you engage all your major muscle groups each session, allowing for maximum workout intensity, recovery, and muscle growth. It’s also a very time-efficient way to structure your training week … Read more

How to Train Your Lats: Exercises & Workout

Lats training exercise

Your lats, or latissimus dorsi, is the largest muscle in your upper body. It is one of your most powerful pulling muscles, and creates the coveted V-shape when it is well-developed. In this article, you will learn how to train your lats effectively. From lat muscle anatomy, to the best exercises for increasing your lat … Read more

How to Train Your Trapezius Muscle: Exercises & Workout

Trapezius muscle training

Your trapezius muscle, or traps, is a large muscle covering your upper back. Its main function is to support your arms and shoulders, and rotate and move your scapula. Your traps are involved in a variety of upper body movements and exercises, such as deadlifting, pulling, rowing and overhead pressing. In this article, you will … Read more

How to Train Your Forearm Flexors and Grip: Exercises & Workout

Forearm flexors and grip muscles

Your forearms and hands contain around fifty different muscles. Together, these muscles create the dexterity, strength, and endurance of your hands. In this article, you will learn about the muscles in your forearm that flexes your wrist and fingers. You will learn about their muscle anatomy, what some effective exercises are, and how you can … Read more

Advanced Bench Press Program, 3 Days/Week

Advanced bench press program

How do you get stronger in the bench press as an advanced lifter? In this post, I’ll outline an advanced bench press program and explain how and why your training should be different from the beginner’s and the intermediate’s. Before we get into the details of the training program, let’s recap our definitions of what an advanced … Read more

The 25 Best Accessory Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

Accessory Exercises to Improve Bench Press

Are you struggling to improve your bench press? The barbell bench press is one of the most popular exercises in the world (and the most popular exercise in our workout log) and is well-known for its ability to bulk up and build your upper body strength and muscle mass. Getting stronger in the bench press … Read more

Top 16 Back Exercises with a Barbell

Back Exercise With a Barbell

A barbell is one of the most useful tools for building a thick, muscular back. But which are the best barbell exercises you should be doing? In this article, I’ll outline 16 of the best back exercises with a barbell and how to do them. Benefits of Barbell Back Exercises There are a lot of … Read more