Share Workouts With Friends Using the StrengthLog Gym App

The StrengthLog Workout Tracker was released almost five years ago. Today we update the app to version 6.0, with one of the most sought after features ever:

Workout and training program sharing!

And it’s as easy as sending a text or mail.

Let’s take a closer look.

What You Can Share to Other Users of the App

Basically every type of template or logged workout in the app:

  • Workouts from your training log, i.e. any workout you’ve trained and logged in the past.
  • Workouts you’ve created as templates under the Mine tab on the Training programs & workouts page in the app.
  • Training programs you’ve created as templates under the Mine tab.
  • Planned workouts on your start screen.

Note: At the moment you cannot share workouts and training programs from the app’s own library – but you can always create a copy of anything in there, and then share the copy. (Please keep in mind that it’s unnecessary to send other users copies of workouts or programs they already have access to as a core part of the app; you should at least modify them slightly if you intend to send copies from the app’s library.)

How Does Sharing Work and Who Can Do It?

You can basically share any type of workout or training program you've created in the StrengthLog Workout Tracker app

It truly is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

  1. Make sure you have version 6.0 (or later) installed of StrengthLog on your phone, and an active premium subscription.
  2. Find the workout or training program you want to share and create a sharable link.
  3. Send the link to the person/persons you want to share it with, and tell them to tap it and accept the download in StrengthLog.
  4. Done. Whatever you sent is now found under the recipient’s Mine tab, and they will be taken directly to it.

The process is identical to how you share an image, a web page and many other things from your phone, i.e. it runs through your the device’s share sheet. Once opened, you can choose to share the link through a text, Airdrop (iPhone to iPhone only), mail et cetera, or by copying the link and sending that link any other way you like (please let us know if you succeed using morse code!).

The share feature in the StrengthLog Workout Tracker app gives you lots of options for sharing
This is how the share sheet looks on an iPhone (Android’s version is similar), and it’s this screen you’ll see once you’ve tapped the share icon in the app. Now it’s up to you how you want to share the link!

One requirement for the sharing process to work, is that the person receiving the link needs to do so on their phone, with version 6.0 or later of StrengthLog installed on it.

They cannot open the link on, for instance, a desktop browser.

Another requirement is that users who wants to share workouts or training programs, need to have active premium subscriptions in the app.

The recipient does not need to have a premium subscription – but if they don’t, they can only open workouts that are free from premium functionality such as set weights based on % of 1RM or RPE.

This is the same division as in the rest of the app, where non-premium users can only start workouts that are free for all.

Ready to Try Workout Sharing?

Upgrade to v6.0 of StrengthLog now!

The update is live in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

If you haven’t tried the app yet, it’s free to download using the links below. And even though the workout sharing feature is for premium users only, most of the app is completely free (with unlimited workout logging, basic stats, exercise demos, and lots and lots of free workout routines) in an ad free interface.

Download on the App Store
Get in on Google Play

Wait … There’s One More Big Thing

Are you making sure to give all your muscle groups enough training to grow bigger and stronger?

A meta-analysis by Schoenfeld et al found that a muscle needs at least 10 sets per week to be fully stimulated.

Our new muscles worked widget will show you exactly this!

The Muscles Worked widget in the StrengthLog Workout Tracker shows how much training you've done for each muscle group during the selected time period
The new Muscles Worked widget shows how much training you’ve done for each muscle group during the selected time period

If a muscle group has received enough stimuli (at least 10 primary working sets or 20 secondary working sets) during the selected time period, it will show as bright red.

If it hasn’t received any stimuli at all, it will show as gray.

Anything inbetween will be shown as different shades of pink/lighter red.

Once you’ve updated to StrengthLog 6.0, you’ll see this widget both on the startscreen and the statistics page in the app.

Version 6.0 Also Includes These Improvements:

  • The graphs in the quick stats on the start screen are now clickable shortcuts to the full statistics page in question.
  • The Apple Watch app has an improved exercise selector, swipe to delete and replace exercises, and it’s possible to add fail or max reps to sets directly from the watch.
  • Bug fixes!

This is it
To track workouts/reps/progress, this is the app. I tried 10 apps before this one. I needed something synonymous to carrying a notepad to the gym like back in the day. This is it, you can choose one of their plans or build your own plan. Whomever designed this app was probably interrupting their workouts to take notes on how to build the right workout app.

DL it and try it out, I was very skeptical and was sold once I started tinkering around with it and realizing how much more easier it was to track on this app.

Great job! design team. Love those hidden gem “workouts” on the workout list.

– Hoot11 on Apple’s App Store, 08/08/2023

Download the app using the links below now. You don’t even need to create an account at first (even though creating one is free, of course), when trying to decide if this is the right app for you.

Download on the App Store
Get in on Google Play

We do offer an in-app subscription plan (as well as a 14 day free trial) that unlocks a handful of advanced features aimed at advanced lifters, and more than one hundred premium training programs and stand-alone workouts.

But if you’re a beginner at the gym, the premium subscription is not tailored for you. We made sure to make everything a beginner needs 100% free, to help you along your fitness journey. And yes, that includes lots and lots of free workouts and training programs, unlimited workout logging, the ability to build your own training programs, support through, and much more.

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