Rack Pull: Muscles Worked & Technique

Rack Pull exercise technique

Muscles Worked in Rack Pulls

Muscles worked by rack pulls

Primary muscles worked:

Secondary muscles worked:

How to Do Rack Pulls

  • Set the bar at desired height, for example using using a rack or blocks.
  • Step up close to the bar, so that it is about over the middle of your foot.
  • Breathe in, lean forward and grip the bar.
  • Hold your breath, brace your core slightly, and lift the bar.
  • Pull the bar close to your body, with a straight back, until you are standing straight.
  • Lower the bar back to the ground with control.
  • Take another breath, and repeat for reps.


Rack pull is a variant of the regular deadlift, where you have elevated the bar, in order to start the lift at a higher position. This often means that you are able to pull more weight in this exercise compared to normal deadlifts, because of more beneficial moment arms.

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