Hack Squat Machine: Muscles Worked & Technique

Hack Squat Machine exercise technique

Muscles Worked in Hack Squats

Muscles worked in hack squat machine

Primary muscles worked:

How to Hack Squat

  • Adjust the machine to the correct height and put your feet on the plate, slightly in front of the base of the sled and about shoulder width apart.
  • Extend your legs and disengage the sled’s locks.
  • Inhale, brace your core slightly, and squat down as deep as you can.
  • Reverse the movement with control, and extend your legs again. Exhale on the way up.


Just like the leg press, the hack squat machine is a stable leg exercise where you don’t need to think about balance or the position of the weight. This can make it easier to focus on the muscles that are being trained, compared to free weight exercises, which might be beneficial for muscle growth.

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