How to Do Smith Machine Squat: Muscles Worked & Proper Form

Smith Machine Squat exercise technique

Muscles Worked in Smith Machine Squats

Muscles worked in Smith Machine Squats

Primary muscles worked:

Secondary muscles worked:

How to Do Smith Machine Squats

  1. Step in with your feet directly below the bar, about shoulder width between your feet, and place the bar on your upper back.
  2. Inhale and brace your core slightly, and unrack the bar.
  3. Squat as deep as possible with good technique.
  4. With control, stop and reverse the movement, extending your hips and legs again.
  5. Exhale on the way up, or exchange air in the top position.


Smith machine squats differ from the free barbell squat primarily by its completely straight bar path, something that only happens in the free barbell squat when the bar is loaded with several times the lifter’s body weight. The fixed bar path lowers the requirements of balance and stabilization and might enable an increased focus on the muscles being trained.

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