Bulgarian Split Squat

Muscles Worked

Muscles worked by bulgarian split squats



  • Stand with your back turned against a bench, which should be at about knee-height. Stand about one long step in front of the bench.
  • Place one foot on the bench behind you.
  • Inhale, look forward, and squat down with control until right before the knee of the back leg touches the floor.
  • Reverse the movement and extend your front leg again, while exhaling.
  • Inhale at the top and repeat for reps.


The bulgarian split squat is an exercise that offers plenty of benefits. The exercise trains your thighs and glutes hard, while also training your control and stability in your knees and hips. Because the load is placed on one leg at a time, the activation increases in your core muscles, particularly the ones at your sides.

You can perform this exercise without any external load, with weights in your hands (i.e. dumbbells or kettlebells), against your chest, or with a barbell on your shoulders. By holding the weights in your hand, you can unload your spine while still training your legs and glutes effectively, which can be useful to maintain your training during times of injury.

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