Standing Cable Chest Fly

Muscles Worked

Muscles worked by standing cable chest fly




  • Fasten a pair of handles in the top position of a cable cross. Grip the handles, step forward, and lean slightly forward.
  • With just a slight bend in the arms, push the handles forward until they meet in front of your body.
  • With control, let the handles go back to the starting position.


Cable chest flyes is an isolation exercise for the chest and front deltoids. Compared to dumbbell chest flyes, the resistance curve in cable flyes is more evenly distributed, and you have more of a constant load on your chest muscles throughout the whole range of motion.

A variant of this exercise is to fasten the handles in the lower position of the cable cross, and do more of an upwards-going motion when you bring the handles together. Another alternative is to lie down on a bench between the two handles (fastened in the lower position), and do lying cable chest flyes.

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