One-Legged Hip Thrust: Muscles Worked & Technique

One-Legged Hip Thrust exercise technique

Muscles Worked in One-Legged Hip Thrust

Primary muscles worked:

Secondary muscles worked:

How to Do One-Legged Hip Thrusts

  • Lean your back against a chair, sofa, bench or whatever furniture you have at hand.
  • Place one feet on the, and lift the other leg.
  • Push your hips towards the ceiling, using your glute muscle in the leg that touches the floor. The working leg should form a ~90 degree angle at the top position.
  • Lower the hips and repeat for reps.


The hip thrust is an isolation exercise for your hip extensors, particularly your glutes. This is a variant of the regular hip thrust where you only use one leg. You can vary the exercise by elevating your foot for a longer range of motion, or add a weight on your hips.

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