Free 30-Day-Trial of StrengthLog Premium For All Email Subscribers

Listen, buddy.

Our goal is to make our workout app StrengthLog the best free strength training app in the world.

And I’d say it’s currently making a good case of being just that.

That said, we still got a premium side of the app for those of you who want more:

  • Premium training programs & workouts
  • Premium features like RPE/RIR, quick stats, more statistics
  • More powerful program builder

For a limited time, we offer a free 30-day-trial of premium to all new users that also subscribe to our email list.

Here’s how to claim your free 30-day-trial:

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  3. Create an account using the same email address.

It’s important that you use the same email address for both the app and the email list. Do not create an account using Apple or Facebook, or you won’t get the free trial. Also, only new app accounts (created within the last 30 days of signing up to the email list) are eligible for this deal.

After the 30 days are up, your account automatically reverts back to a free account. No payment details needed. If you decide you want to go back to a premium account, you will have to make a purchase manually.

Sounds fair?

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