Free Fitness Advent Calendar 2022 – Can You Complete All 25 Workouts?

Nothing against chocolate, makeup, sock or cheese advent calendars, but this fitness advent calendar beats them all. At least in terms of pricing (it’s free) and its potential to improve your general fitness and happiness, at a time of year known for stress and overeating.

That’s right. StrengthLog’s workout advent calendar is back for another Christmas. And it’s more fun than ever (still free, though).

25 days of Christmas, 25 different workout challenges. Some small, some big. Some that you can do at home, others you’ll do at the gym.

There’s even some cardio sprinkled in, but don’t tell anyone.

The calender is available now, in the latest version of our workout app StrengthLog. Download it for free using the links below:

Download StrengthLog Workout Log on App Store
Download StrengthLog Workout Log on Google Play Store

Join 70,000+ Active Users in the Holiday Festivities

Strength training is not a team sport, but it tends to be more fun when it’s a social activity. And we’ve made sure to include a pair of group challenges in this fitness advent calendar, where every user can contribute towards a common goal for that day, by collecting reps or volume.

Without spoiling anything, the calender also includes:

  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Crossfit
  • Endurance training
  • Bodybuilding

There truly is something for everyone – but everything might not be for everybody. And that’s fine. Most users in the past haven’t been able to check off every door in the calendar; just pick the ones you feel will enrich your training.

Take another look at the top image of this article. That X-mas tree will be on your startscreen in the app during December. And for each day you check off in the calendar, we’ll hang a numbered kettlebell in the tree.

How will your tree look when Christmas is over?

The artwork for StrengthLog's Fitness Advent Calendar 2022 portraits every employee in our company
This year’s calendar is illustrated by @jorgen_westin, and the artwork features every employee in our small, Swedish company

Frequently Asked Questions About StrengthLog’s Fitness Advent Calendar

  • What is it? Twenty-five different workout challenges, from December 1st to December 25th. Sometimes playful and easy, sometimes a bit tougher but maybe even more amusing.
  • Why? Because it’ll be fun! Because trying something new will make you happy! Because Christmas can be stressful and messy and it’s easy losing track of ones training routine during all this, but we’ve made most of the workouts short and sweet, so that you can squeeze them in quickly and still feel the gratification of having trained that day too!
  • What equipment do I need to participate? It varies. Some days you’ll only need your body and Earth’s gravity, other days you’ll need to visit a gym.
  • Do I have to? Of course you do. On the other hand, absolutely not. Join in just as much or as little as you want.
  • Where do I find the workout calendar? It’s exclusive for users of our training app StrengthLog. The app (and calendar) is free to use, and it is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Why can’t I see the calendar in the app? You need to update to version 5.5! If you visit Google Play or App Store, it’s already waiting for you there.
  • How long does the calendar stay in the app? We’ll take it down January 13th 2023. That means you have a good chance of opening and finishing all twenty-five doors in the calendar, but do not wait for too long …
To see the fitness advent calendar in your app, you must update to version 5.5
Once you’ve downloaded version 5.5 of StrengthLog, the calendar will appear on your startscreen. Note! We’ve blurred out the description of the December 1 workout above. Wouldn’t want to spoil anything, right?

Best Way to Spread X-mas Cheer, Is Sharing Your Workouts for All to Hear

We want to know what you think about the calendar and all its workouts.

Every day we’ll share a post for that day’s calendar door in our Facebook community StrengthLog Community. Please join us there and let’s talk!

What are you waiting for? Download StrengthLog for free, using the links below:

Download StrengthLog Workout Log on App Store
Download StrengthLog Workout Log on Google Play Store
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