How to Get Stronger, Part 3: The Advanced

Strength training for advanced lifters

“What is mastery? At the heart of it, mastery is practice. Mastery is staying on the path.” – George Leonard Strength training is a harsh mistress. First, you are lured in by the sweet beginner gains. Then, your resolve is tested as you enter the intermediate stage and have to work harder for every extra … Read more

How to Grip the Bar When You’re Deadlifting

Deadlift grip

Deadlifting challenges your strength from head to toe. In order to pull heavy weights, you must have a strong chain of muscles, and your grip is definitely an important link in this chain. In this article, I outline four common ways to grip the bar during deadlifts: You’ll learn how to do them, along with … Read more

How to Get Stronger, Part 2: The Intermediate

Strength training for intermediates

When do you transcend from the beginner to the intermediate stage of weight training? If you’ve been training hard on an effective training program (such as the one we outlined in part 1 of this series) and been eating and recovering well when you’re not in the gym, you might reach the intermediate stage after … Read more

How to Get Stronger, Part 1: The Beginner

Strength training for beginners

My father-in-law is many things, but strong isn’t one of them. At least, he didn’t use to be. Two months ago, he asked if he could start working out in my garage gym. Since I don’t want to be excluded from the “pizza and wine”-Fridays he regularly throws, I said yes. Being well into his … Read more

Training Program “Emelie”, 3x/Week

Training Program Emelie

This training program is available for free in our app StrengthLog! Download is for free with the buttons below: My friend Emelie wanted to get bigger and stronger, but wasn’t sure of how she should go about it. Since I can’t keep my opinion to myself, I went ahead and suggested a training program which will … Read more

StrengthLog’s Full-Body Workout, 2x/Week

Full-body workout training program

This training program is available for free in our app StrengthLog! Download it for free with the buttons below: This article outlines a training program with two workouts per week. It suits you who are either new to strength training, or who are more experienced but may not have the time, desire, or opportunity to train … Read more

Lifting Fast and Slow, 2 Days/Week

Lifting Fast and Slow training program

A brand new premium program is now awaiting you in our app StrengthLog! Download it for free with the buttons below: In this training program, you will be switching between contrasts: one session will have you lifting heavy and slow, the other will have you lifting light and fast. The goal? Getting stronger, of course! … Read more

StrengthLog’s Minimalistic Routine, 3 Days/Week

StrengthLog Minimalistic Routine

This training program is available for free in our workout tracker app! Download StrengthLog for free with the buttons below: If you only have time for three short workouts per week – how do you make the most of them? If you are new to strength training I recommend you to try the Barbell Training … Read more

How to Train Your Core Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Core muscle training

“Strong limbs on a weak core is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe.” Your core muscles form the foundation of everything else you do. Together, your core muscles bend, extend, rotate, and stabilize your body. Any time you create force or movement with your legs or arms, your core is where it … Read more