Muscles Worked by the Rowing Machine

Rowing machine muscles worked

Rowing works almost your entire body, including your heart and lungs. Here are the main muscles worked on a rowing machine: The rowing machine is a popular piece of equipment used for cardio training or warming up before your gym workouts. But, which muscles does the rowing machine work? What are the benefits of rowing … Read more

Muscles Worked in a Stationary Bike Workout

Stationary bike workout muscles

The main muscles worked in a stationary bike workout are your heart and lower body muscles: All forms of cardio exercise, such as running, cycling, stair climbing, and the elliptical trainer, will strengthen your heart and lungs and burn calories. Each mode of exercise will also strengthen different muscles, and high-impact exercises like running or … Read more

The 10 Best Exercises for Running Faster

Best exercises for running faster

For most runners, the thought of spending a lot of time in the gym lifting weights can be wholly unappealing. After all, runners tend to love nothing more than hitting the roads or trails and actually running rather than strength training. However, there are many benefits of strength training for runners, including decreasing your risk … Read more

Beginner Strength Training Workout for Women at Home

Woman strength training at home

Do you want to get started with strength training, but are too busy or feel self-conscious about going to the gym? Then do your strength workouts at home! Doing beginner’s strength training workouts at home can be an approachable way for women to begin their fitness journey without needing to deal with the potential anxiety, … Read more