How to Do Triceps Bodyweight Extension: Muscles Worked & Proper Form

a gif showing how to do a bodyweight triceps extension with proper form

Muscles Worked in Triceps Bodyweight Extension

a picture showing which muscles are being worked in triceps bodyweight extension

Primary muscles worked:

How to Do Triceps Bodyweight Extension

  1. Grab the bar using an overhead grip, with your hands about shoulder-width apart.
  2. At the starting position, your arms should be fully extended, and your core and glutes activated as in a standing plank position.
  3. Bend the arms, bring your torso forward, and lower your head below the bar. Do the movement slow and controlled.
  4. Reverse the movement by straightening your arms.
  5. Repeat for reps.


This is a good alternative for triceps training if you don’t have access to free weights. If you want to make the movement easier, set the bar higher. If you want to make it harder, set it lower.

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