How to Do Side Lunges (Bodyweight): Muscles Worked & Proper Form

Side Lunge exercise technique

Muscles Worked in Side Lunges

a picture showing which muscles that are being worked in the side lunges



How to Do Side Lunges

  1. Stand up straight with plenty of space to your side for you to step out.
  2. Lightly brace your core, and take a big step to the side.
  3. Go as deep as possible without your heel lifting from the ground and while maintaining control.
  4. Push yourself back up by pressing the foot from the ground.
  5. Repeat for reps.


Side lunges is a variant of the body weight lunge. The lunge is a body weight exercise that not only strengthens your leg muscles, but it can also be used to train your balance, coordination and control. Side lunges is an appropriate exercise to perform at home, since it is quite challenging even without extra weight. If you want to make it more challenging, you can add one or two dumbbells to your hands.

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