How to Do Cable Pull-Through: Muscles Worked & Proper Form

Cable Pull Through exercise technique

Muscles Worked in Cable Pull-Throughs

Muscles worked in cable pull throughs

Primary muscles worked:

Secondary muscles worked:

How to Do Cable Pull-Throughs

  1. Fasten a rope handle in the lower position on a cable pulley. Turn your back against the pulley, with the cable between your thights, and take a few steps forward.
  2. Bend forward by hinging in your hips, and let the rope handle move backwards between your thighs.
  3. Extend your hip again, and return to standing.


This exercise isolates the muscles that extend your hips, primarily the glutes. Because the direction of resistance comes from behind you, you won’t get the same rest in the top position that you often get with free weights. This means that your glutes will be under more constant tension, which might be beneficial for muscle growth.

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