StrengthLog’s Supplement Guide (Free PDF)

Don’t waste your money on worthless supplements!

Save it for the ones that actually work.

In StrengthLog’s Supplement Guide, we guide you through 26 of the most popular supplements and help you decide which are worth your attention and money.

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StrengthLog's Supplement Guide

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This guide isn’t intended to be a thick, science-y tome. Rather, it is a quick and dirty guide for navigating through the supplement jungle in a browsable manner, with clear recommendations (or not!) for every supplement.

No affiliate links, no bias.

None of the supplements in this guide are essential for your training efforts, but some offer documented performance boosts or aid you directly in getting bigger and stronger. Others have little or no scientific support for the claims of the manufacturers.

We separate the wheat from the chaff and help you decide which supplements can help you reach your fitness goals. We also cover some supplements on which the jury is still out, leaving it up to you to decide whether the gamble is worth your hard-earned money.

Stop guessing. Start gaining.