Dumbbell Shoulder Workout at Home: 5 Exercises

dumbbell shoulder workout at home

Some muscle groups can be challenging to train effectively without barbells, machines, and cable pulleys. However, a dumbbell shoulder workout at home can be as effective as a training session in the most well-equipped gym. All you need is a set of dumbbells to build your shoulder muscles. And an effective shoulder workout routine, of … Read more

A New App Icon for the StrengthLog Workout App

This is the new app icon for StrengthLog

The StrengthLog app is closing in on its fourth birthday, and it’s time for a small change. Update to v5.4 (live on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store now!) and we’ll swap out the old app icon on your homescreen to our new mascot. Let’s call the mascot Oxis, for now. A strong, gentle … Read more