How to Train Your Shoulder Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Shoulder muscles training

“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” Your shoulder muscles can make for a striking appearance. Wide shoulders are eye-catching symbols of health and strength, and an important feature for creating a V-shaped torso. Athletically, your shoulders are the foundation for every action your arms take. Whether you’re pushing, pulling, or … Read more

How to Train Your Rear Delts: Exercises & Workout

Rear delt muscle training

Your rear delts, or posterior deltoids, is the back part of your shoulder muscle. It originates on the spine of your shoulder blade and inserts on your humerus (upper arm bone). It aids your lats in extending your shoulder, and also externally rotates your shoulder, together with infraspinatus and teres minor of your rotator cuff. In this article, … Read more