3 Tips on Strength Training for Golf with Mike Carroll

Strength Training for Golf

In today’s blog post we interview Mike Carroll of Fit For Golf. Mike is a strength & conditioning coach specializing in physical training for golfers. In today’s interview, Mike answers our questions on whether or not golfers should be doing strength training, and in that case, how. Should Golfers Be Doing Strength Training? Mike: Strength … Read more

Building Muscle and Losing Fat as a Busy Parent

Rob Nothing Barred Fitness

Does getting kids while working a full-time job have to spell the end of your training and fitness journey? Heck no. But you might have to take a scrutinizing look on your training routine, and you might face a new set of challenges when it comes to your diet and sleep. One trainer that has … Read more

Q&A: Long Term Training Considerations for Powerlifters – with Alexander Eriksson

Alexander Eriksson on powerlifting training

We reached out to Alexander Eriksson (@ae.power) – the reigning European champion, and general powerlifting mastermind – to pick his brain on powerlifting training in the long-term perspective. Class in session! Q: How should a powerlifters’ training change over the years, as they move from being a beginner to advanced? Alex: – Powerlifting stands out as … Read more