Top 10 Personal Training Exercises & Workouts

Personal training exercises

Being a personal trainer is a big task. You need to understand exercise science and anatomy, and also have good communication and coaching skills. Still, sometimes you just want to know: Which exercises should I put my personal training clients on? In this article, I’ll list ten of my favorite personal training exercises that I … Read more

The 15 Best Compound Exercises for Muscle and Strength

compound exercises list

Compound exercises are highly effective for building strength, power, and muscle mass. They offer numerous benefits, including improved athletic performance, functional movement patterns, and, of course, strength and hypertrophy gains. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the science behind compound exercises and explore the 15 best ones for all major muscle groups … Read more

How Many Exercises Should You Do per Muscle Group? (Guide)

Strength training to build muscle

How many exercises should you do per muscle group for it to grow as fast as possible? That depends on the muscle. The difference? Their direction of muscle fibers, the different muscle heads, and their different functions. This guide contains recommendations for how many exercises you should do for each of your major muscle groups … Read more

How to Train Your Trapezius Muscle: Exercises & Workout

Trapezius muscle training

Your trapezius muscle, or traps, is a large muscle covering your upper back. Its main function is to support your arms and shoulders, and rotate and move your scapula. Your traps are involved in a variety of upper body movements and exercises, such as deadlifting, pulling, rowing and overhead pressing. In this article, you will … Read more

The 10 Best Lower Chest Exercises to Build Your Pecs

Lower chest exercise

Do you want a big and strong chest? Then you need to develop both the upper, middle, and lower chest muscle fibers. In this article, I’ll list ten of the best lower chest exercises and how you can put them together into a lower chest workout. In order to understand the exercise choices, let’s begin … Read more