A Simple 1-2-3 Progression for Learning the Barbell Squat

1-2-3 squat progression

One of the trickier lifts a beginner lifter might want to learn is the squat. Since we don’t spend much time sitting in a deep squat position in the western world (at least after we’ve left childhood), we tend to get stiff and lose the mobility to do so. Luckily, what is lost can be … Read more

Squat Depth: How Deep Should You Squat?

Deep barbell squat

Key Points: Deep squats (120–140° knee flexion) lead to greater muscle growth in the quads, glutes, and adductors than shallow or half squats (60–90°). You improve your strength the most at the depth you train at. Deep squats, however, have greater carryover to shallow squats than vice versa. The required squat depth in powerlifting is … Read more