Personal Training Programming for the Beginner

personal training programming

Success in personal training programming is measured mainly by how efficiently and effectively your program can usher clients toward their unique fitness goals while ensuring safety and sustainability. This article provides an overview of everything from the basic principles of personal training programs to advanced programming techniques, enabling you to create the perfect plans for … Read more

How to Get Personal Training Clients

how to get personal training clients

Are you wondering how to get personal training clients for your business and how to retain the ones you have? This is the article for you. How to Get Personal Training Clients: Introduction The personal training industry is dynamic, vibrant, and teeming with opportunities. As a great personal trainer, your primary asset is your client … Read more

How to Be a Great Personal Trainer

how to be a great personal trainer

Personal training is a highly gratifying profession. As a personal trainer, you get the chance to directly impact people’s lives by promoting healthy habits and improving their fitness levels, functional strength, well-being, and, ultimately, life. However, being a great personal trainer goes beyond knowing the basics of exercise and nutrition. Understanding the ins and outs … Read more