Strength Training For Children and Adolescents: Benefits, Risks, and Practical Recommendations

Strength Training For Children and Adolescents

Strength training for children used to be frowned upon, but fortunately, those days are in the past. Humans are meant to move and use their muscles, and children are no exception. Children need 60 minutes of physical activity every day. That’s a minimum recommendation, and increasing this amount offers additional benefits. Daily moderate to vigorous … Read more

Does Strength Training Stunt Growth?

does strength training stunt growth?

Does strength training stunt growth? That is a common question and concern among parents of growing children. In this article, you’ll find out what the science says and whether you can safely let your kids hit the weights without fear that they’ll harm their bones. Strength Training for Children: Current Recommendations The benefits of youth … Read more

StrengthLog’s Training Program for Children

StrengthLog’s Training Program for Children and Adolescents

StrengthLog’s Training Program for Children and Adolescents: an excellent way for your child to develop a strong and healthy body for a strong and healthy life. At StrengthLog, we want you to find the right training program for you, both here on the website and in our training app with the same name. In our … Read more

School-Based Resistance Training Strengthens Bones in Adolescent Girls

You’re never too old to exercise and start reaping the benefits of strength training. On the other side of the spectrum, you’re never too young, either. A recent study examined the effects of regular weight training on bone formation in young girls. Sixty-two girls, divided into two groups, participated in their school gym classes as … Read more