Quick Ab Workout: 10 Minutes to Great Abs

quick ab workout

Can a quick ab workout be an effective ab workout?  It absolutely can. Doing endless reps of sit-ups wastes your time and energy and will never give you the six-pack abs you want. In this article, you’ll learn why you should treat your abs like any other muscle group and how to train them for … Read more

How to Train Your Obliques: Exercises & Workout

Obliques exercise training

Your obliques are your large abdominal muscles, located to the sides and front of your abdomen. They flex and rotate your spine, and stabilize your pelvis and trunk. In this article, you will learn about your oblique muscle anatomy, what some effective oblique exercises are, and how you can combine them into a workout. Oblique … Read more

How to Train Your Abs: Exercises & Workout

Ab training workout

Your abdominal muscles, or abs, sit at the core of your body. They are involved in almost every movement you do, either powering the movement themselves or stabilizing your body so that your arms and legs can transmit force efficiently. Visually, the abs have been the focal point of physical culture for decades, and much … Read more