Protein Intake: How Much Protein Should You Eat per Day?

Daily Protein Intake

Key Points: If you lift weights, your daily protein requirement rises. In the short term, this happens because your body needs more protein to repair itself after training. In the long term, it is because you need more protein to maintain your larger muscle mass. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of protein is 0.8 g/kg … Read more

Soy – Healthy Alternative to Meat or Toxic Hormonal Disruptor?


Soy, soybeans, and soy protein: muscle-building alternatives to meat, healthy legumes, or hormone-altering cancer beans? Few foods are as controversial as soyfoods. As always is the case when it comes to controversial stuff, the truth is entirely black or white. Soy means different things to different people. For the weight-lifting fitness aficionado, soy protein for … Read more

Is It Important to Eat or Drink Protein Quickly after Training?

Protein after Workout for Muscle Growth

Key Points: No, it’s not important to consume protein quickly after a workout. This is true despite the fact that your muscle protein balance is negative until you consume protein. A meta-analysis found no difference in muscle growth or strength between groups consuming protein within one hour before or after strength training, and groups who … Read more

Lifting Fast and Slow, 2 Days/Week

Lifting Fast and Slow training program

A brand new premium program is now awaiting you in our app StrengthLog! You can download the app for iOS here or for Android here. In this training program, you will be switching between contrasts: one session will have you lifting heavy and slow, the other will have you lifting light and fast. The goal? … Read more

StrengthLog’s Minimalistic Routine, 3 Days/Week

StrengthLog Minimalistic Routine

This training program is available for free in our app StrengthLog! Download it for iOS or Android. If you only have time for three short workouts per week – how do you make the most of them? If you are new to strength training I recommend you to try the Barbell Training Program for the Beginner, or perhaps something … Read more

StrengthLog’s Upper/Lower Program, 4 Days/Week

Training program upper lower body workout

This training program is available for free in our app StrengthLog! Download it for iOS or Android. What’s important in a good training program for muscle growth and strength? A good foundation is: Practice in the exercises that you want to get stronger in. Training with enough volume, with sufficiently heavy weights. Training with enough … Read more

How to Train Your Core Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Core muscle training

“Strong limbs on a weak core is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe.” Your core muscles form the foundation of everything else you do. Together, your core muscles bend, extend, rotate, and stabilize your body. Any time you create force or movement with your legs or arms, your core is where it … Read more

How to Train Your Shoulder Muscles: Exercises & Workout

Shoulder muscles training

“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” Your shoulder muscles can make for a striking appearance. Wide shoulders are eye-catching symbols of health and strength, and an important feature for creating a V-shaped torso. Athletically, your shoulders are the foundation for every action your arms take. Whether you’re pushing, pulling, or … Read more

How to Train Your Forearm Flexors and Grip: Exercises & Workout

Forearm flexors and grip muscles

Your forearms and hands contain around fifty different muscles. Together, these muscles create the dexterity, strength, and endurance of your hands. In this article, you will learn about the muscles in your forearm that flexes your wrist and fingers. You will learn about their muscle anatomy, what some effective exercises are, and how you can … Read more

How to Train Your Obliques: Exercises & Workout

Obliques exercise training

Your obliques are your large abdominal muscles, located to the sides and front of your abdomen. They flex and rotate your spine, and stabilize your pelvis and trunk. In this article, you will learn about your oblique muscle anatomy, what some effective oblique exercises are, and how you can combine them into a workout. Oblique … Read more