Our Personal Training Software Has Left Beta!

Today is a big day: StrengthLog Coach has finally left beta!

Hooray! 🥳

StrengthLog Coach (or as we call it internally: CoachLog) is the newest addition to the StrengthLog family.

When we launched our workout tracker app in late 2018, we already knew we wanted some kind of coach mode where trainers could send their clients workouts and training programs using the same general structure.

It’s been a long, winding journey, but after extensive beta testing from some of Sweden’s finest trainers and coaches, we’re finally ready to release the software at an Early Bird price.

Does This Mean That It Is Done and Completed?

No way, buddy!

It just means that we think it’s good enough to start seeing some real action, and more importantly: that we want your feedback!

Our team at StrengthLog is made up of lifters and gym enthusiasts with a passion for strength training, and many of us coach others. But we saw first-hand how much our workout log app was improved by all the user feedback back in 2018, so we know that CoachLog will evolve faster if we can just get it out there.

Because the service will be continuously improved and probably see multiple remodelings in its first few months, we are offering it at a forever Early Bird price.

That means if you sign up now, you will keep your Early Bird discount forever, or until you cancel the subscription.

But Wait, There’s More!

Don’t want to commit?

Don’t like change?

I totally get it.

That’s why we made it so you can just dip your tippy-toes in the new service, and start all new accounts with a 14-day free trial.

We won’t ask you for your credit card; we just want to show you what we’ve built.

And are building.

Click here to check out our new online coaching software for personal trainers!

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Daniel Richter

Daniel has a decade of experience in powerlifting, is a certified personal trainer, and has a Master of Science degree in engineering. Besides competing in powerlifting himself, he coaches both beginners and international-level lifters. Daniel regularly shares tips about strength training on Instagram, and you can follow him here.