Three Great New Features in Version 5.6 of the StrengthLog Workout Tracker

The best fitness app just got even better.

Three new features in the latest version of StrengthLog (v5.6, available in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store now) will greatly improve and speed up your workout logging.

You’ll meet the first feature when adding a new exercise to an active workout, in the form of a small checkbox at the top of your screen:

”Copy sets from last workout”

When checked, this box will not only add the exercise of your choice to your active workout, it will also include every set (with identical weights and reps) from the last time you trained that particular exercise, including any set comments you made.

This is a major timesaver for anyone looking to duplicate or improve on their last workout.

Two New Swipe Actions in Active Workouts

This update also adds a couple of shortcuts in your active workout:

  1. Swipe on a set to upload video.
  2. Swipe on an exercise to view its history.
Two new actions when you swipe on either an exercise or a set in an active workout

You can also reach these features by tapping the three dots on the set or next to the exercise name, but we consider them so important that we’ve now put them front and center, to save you a click or two.

Helping you as a user reach your exercise history faster, was a priority for us since it allows you to copy older workouts for any given exercise into your active workout, with the goal of beating your previous workouts, i.e. to achieve progressive overload.

We also wanted to make the upload video feature more visible. You can read more about that feature and your video library in this help article.

Update to v5.6 Now

This will likely be the last app release of 2022 for us, and we’re really proud of it. Besides a lot of small bug fixes and everything mentioned above, it also includes.

  • A new, more helpful loading screen when starting the app.
  • The choice to copy an existing goal to create a new goal.

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