A New App Icon for the StrengthLog Workout App

The StrengthLog app is closing in on its fourth birthday, and it’s time for a small change. Update to v5.4 (live on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store now!) and we’ll swap out the old app icon on your homescreen to our new mascot.

Say goodbye to the old app icon and say hello to Oxis, StrengthLog's new mascot
Out with the old, in with the new

Let’s call the mascot Oxis, for now. A strong, gentle giant looking after your gains. Got a better name suggestion? Send it to app@strengthlog.com!

We’ll be adding more versions of the icon in the future, for you to choose from. Or maybe earn the right to use. Who knows …

Do You Want to Try the Best Strength Training App?

This app is developed by a group of Swedish powerlifters, bodybuilders and olympic weightlifters. It’s built to suit the needs of anyone looking to take their strength training seriously.

Best of all?

More than 95 percent of all features are free forever. There’s a premium subscription available, for when you want to follow our more advanced workout routines (don’t worry, there are also a lot – like a lot – of free workouts and training programs). But as soon as you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, you’re good to go.

  • No ads!
  • Unlimited logging
  • Fast and free support for all users

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Philip Wildenstam

Philip used to be a powerlifter (his best lift was a 275 kg raw squat), but now he mostly eats, drinks, and sleeps. He's also a certified nutrition coach and a co-founder of StrengthLog, and he's always trying to make the app better and more user-friendly. If you ask Philip nicely, he might share his recipe for Swedish meatballs with you.