The StrengthLog App – For Serious Lifters, and Anyone Who Wants to Become One

Are you new to the gym or a seasoned pro? As long as you’re training for real, measurable results, StrengthLog is the app for you.

It’s built by lifters, for lifters. And continuously improved by input and feedback from world class powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters and gym enthusiasts alike.

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Try It Now, Everything You’ll Need to Start Logging Your Workouts Is Free

Yes, there’s a premium subscription available in-app. It gives you access to advanced training programs, in-depth statistics, and nerdier settings (like logging with rate of perceived exertion or reps in reserve). But everything you need to get started is free, including a lot of proven training programs for strength development or bodybuilding.

And we add more free stuff all the time. Because we want our free version to be the best damn strength training app in the world, with the premium subscription just adding insult to injury. #sorrynotsorry

Included in the Free Version

If you ever pick up a barbell or dumbbell with the intent of actually working out hard, StrengthLog is right for you.

And you’ll come very, very far with the free version:

  • Log unlimited workouts.
  • Add your own exercises or choose from our presets.
  • Follow popular trainings programs.
  • Get basic statistics about your training for both individual workouts and entire training periods.
  • Useful tools, such as calculators for 1RM, daily calorie consumption, IPF/Wilks Points, Sinclair Coefficients, and warm-up suggestions when going for a new PR.
  • Keep track of your set rest with the built-in timer.
  • Keep track of your personal records.
  • Save time by planning your workouts in advance, or import sets, weights and reps from old workouts directly into your new workout.
  • Free support! Yes, even for the free version. Our support team in Sweden will answer your questions most often the same day, especially Monday through Friday. Send an e-mail to and we’ll help you ASAP.