StrengthLog: The Best Workout Tracker For Serious Lifters

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Looking for a simple workout log for tracking your workouts, improving your gains, and where all the basic functionality is free – forever?

StrengthLog is the workout app you’ve been looking for. Built by lifters, for lifters.

With the StrengthLog app, we’re following three core principles:

1. Logging Your Workouts Should Be Extremely Simple

Workout tracker

No ads, no clutter, and easy to use in the gym when your chalked-up fingers are still shaking from your last set.

We’re keeping the logging screen clean, with most of our advanced features as opt-ins.

Yes, there are advanced features, and they rock. While the workout log is minimalistic at first glance, we hide features that will help you get better training results under the hood.

2. The Free Version Should Be the Best Damn Workout Tracker in the World

Everything you need to get started is free.


That includes unlimited logging, a ton of proven training programs for strength and muscle growth, and basic stats.

Fitness app that keeps track of your personal records
Keep track of your personal records at each repetition count. Regularly beat these, and you’re getting stronger!
Free training programs
Some of the free training programs in the app. New ones are added all the time!

And we add more free stuff all the time because we want our free version to be the best damn strength training app in the world.

Here’s a sample of what you get in the free version:

  • Log unlimited workouts.
  • Add your own exercises or choose from our presets.
  • Follow popular training programs.
  • Get basic statistics about your training for both individual workouts and entire training periods.
  • Useful tools, such as calculators for 1RM, daily calorie consumption, IPF/Wilks Points, Sinclair Coefficients, and warm-up suggestions when going for a new PR.
  • Keep track of your set rest with the built-in timer.
  • Keep track of your personal records.
  • Save time by planning your workouts or import sets, weights, and reps from old workouts directly into your new workout.
  • Free support! Yes, even for the free version. Our support team in Sweden will answer your questions most often on the same day, especially Monday through Friday. Send an e-mail to, and we’ll help you ASAP.
App support Sandrine
Here’s Sandrine! She competes in equipped powerlifting, and if you write to our support mail, chances are she’ll be the one answering you. Oh, and “Styrkelabbet” is the Swedish name of our company. It loosely translates to “meatball”.

3. Using StrengthLog Should Give You Better Results Than Using a Notebook or Excel

While all of us here at StrengthLog love the look and feel of a notebook (Who doesn’t? Voldemort?), there are some things that only a digital training journal can do.

StrengthLog compiles the data from your training and provides you with reports of how it’s going, how you are usually training, and what you will have to do to beat it.

Workout log showing stats on your exercises
Click on a set (in this case 120 kg x 5 reps) to see additional information about that particular set. This is a premium feature. It is also awesome.
Track your exercises and most trained muscles
Which are your most trained muscle groups? Or most trained exercises? See full body stats, or breakdowns per muscle group or exercise. (Premium again)

Improving your gains is at the heart of StrengthLog, and we are constantly working on ways to do that.

Want to check it out for yourself? Download it for free with the links below!

What Others Are Saying About Our Workout Log App

StrengthLog was born in 2018 and currently has over 30 000 active users, logging 200 000 workouts each month. Since the start, the app has been developed together with the users, and we’re constantly listening to your feedback.

Got a request or question? Just email our support at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

“A workout log couldn’t be more easy to use!”

Oskar F, ★★★★★

“Simplicity is a virtue, and they have succeeded with keeping the interface simple despite myriads of features. Mops the floor with most fitness apps out there.”

Muddlerkungen, ★★★★★

“Really good workout log that works great in the free version, but gets seriously yummy in the premium version. Takes your strength training to the next level.”

CerikC, ★★★★★

Go Big With Premium

And then … you’ve got the premium stuff.

It gives you access to advanced training programs, in-depth statistics, and our flavor of nerdier settings (like logging with rate of perceived exertion or reps in reserve).

Every single feature is tailored to make your training better, easier, or more fun.

Here’s some of what you get in the premium version:

  • Advanced training programs. For the powerlifter, weightlifter, and bodybuilder. For different levels, and with different times available for training.
  • Workouts for different goals. Aside from our training programs, we also have free-standing single workouts tailored for different purposes. Want a power-building workout for the bench press? Or a leg day focused on quad hypertrophy? And can you survive the “Swedish Idiot Routine”?
  • In-depth reports and statistics about your training. How have you been training recently? Or since the start? What muscle groups and exercises are you training the most, and how heavy?
  • Quick-stats at a glance while you’re training. What is your rep-PR at this weight in this exercise? How many reps do you usually do at this weight? If you beat that, it means you’re working harder and probably will make faster gains.
  • Advanced logging with RPE/RiR. Switch on our RPE/RiR feature and use it in your log. We will automatically calculate your estimated 1RM based on this information.
  • Repeat a workout – with heavier weights. Or lighter. Or the same weights. Just select your last workout, decide if you want to push your limits (maybe increase all weights with 1%?), or do an easy workout today (maybe decrease all weights by 20%?).
Track your training in the bench press
How have you been training bench press for the last 90 days? How many reps in different weight intervals of your 1RM? With premium, you’re getting much more insight into your training!

See Muscles Worked Directly in the App

The app currently contains 250 of the most commonly used exercises, and new ones are added all the time. Of course, you can create your own custom exercises as well.

You can see a demonstration of the lift for each exercise, what muscles are worked, and written instruction.

Exercise app with instructions
Unsure of how an exercise is performed, or what muscles it trains? Just hit a button and find out!

This is completely free, and you can find much of the same information in the exercise directory here on our website.

Create Your Own Workouts!

Want to create and save workouts of your own?

No problem!

Everyone can create unlimited custom workouts and specify exercises, sets, weights, and reps. However, only premium users can program their workouts based on % of 1RM or RPE/RiR.

Create your own custom workouts in the workout planner
Create the workouts that matter the most to you, champ.

Customize Your Own Workout App

There are several ways in which you can customize the app to fit your preferences.

One such way is our different opt-ins, such as logging your sets with RPE/RiR, getting more stats in the logging screen, or pre-filling your weights from the last workout with that same exercise.

Opt-in for what functions you want to see in the workout log while training
That’s a lot of buttons.

You can also customize the start page to show whatever stat is most important to you at the moment. Tons lifted in the deadlift? Sets of pull-ups? The choice is yours!

Customize your home page
We all know what really matters is your bicep training frequency.

Get Strength – and Peace of Mind

Sometimes, you’ve got a clear plan for how you want to train. And sometimes, you can’t make up your mind and would like someone else to decide for you.

Enter our programs and workouts.

At the time of writing, StrengthLog contains:

  • 54 training programs (34 premium, 20 free)
  • 32 free-standing workouts (23 premium, 9 free)

Our development team contains powerlifters, weightlifters, and bodybuilders, and we’re constantly working on new programs within these realms and more.

Do they work? We’ve run tests on trained lifters with several of our strength programs, and a typical increase in 1RM is 5–6% over six weeks.

One of our strongest users yet, Carl, followed our deadlift program, Deadlift Disco, and increased his deadlift from 340 to 350 kg in six weeks.

Training programs and workouts

In Development for the Workout Log

We want this to be the best training app in the world for any lifter interested in strength or bodybuilding.

That ambition, together with the thousands of suggestions we’re getting from you users, means that we have many projects in the pipeline.

Here’s some of what we’re working on:

  • Program Builder. Currently, you can build and save your own workouts in StrengthLog. You can also base these on % of your 1RM, RPE, RiR, or of course, absolute weights. But we’re close to finalizing a complete program builder! Want to set up a 6-week cycle planned out in detail in advance? Done. Want to create a continuous, looped weekly routine that increases your weights, reps, or sets with a given number each cycle? Easy! Update: DONE
  • Coach Mode. Are you training clients, friends, or a team? Well, we are, and we know all the hassles and time spent in spreadsheets that come with it. We are working on a feature where you will be able to write and monitor your client’s training directly in the app, to save you time and give you a better overview of their training process!
  • Web Version. We’re working on a web interface so that you can access your training log, statistics, and create workouts from your desktop computer or anywhere with access to a web browser. I’ve heard even microwaves can have internet browsers nowadays, so there’s that.
  • Prescriptive Training. Two hundred thousand workouts saved each month from our users mean we are accumulating enormous amounts of data. We want to see if we can use machine learning to prescribe individualized training for you. How have other users in your age and at your strength level trained the bench press to progress the fastest? Can we teach an AI to write your entire program? Let’s find out.

Give StrengthLog a Shot!

Well, that wraps it up.

I hope we’ve made you curious enough to give StrengthLog a try. It’s free to download, and all the basic stuff is free forever. If you ever feel like upgrading to a premium subscription (maybe just for a month to try it out?), you’ll find that our prices are among the lowest in the industry.

StrengthLog is our passion project, and we’re going to make it the best workout log app in the world for the serious lifter and anyone who wants to become one.

Try it yourself.

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